I don’t have candles in my home often because cats, though I do enjoy watching them burn. My kids are of an age where candles are an option again, but not the cats. The cats would explore and crash into and otherwise damage themselves and their environment with the introduction of such delights. So. No candles for me.

A white candle in a clear glass jar, lit

June Review

June Review 2017

It’s July! And because I realized June was due to end before it actually did so, this entry is on time. I’m so proud of myself.

Here’s a little trivia for you, too, as I set the featured image for today. I keep a spreadsheet of all my blog and fiction words written in a month, and for my monthly review headers I’ve taken a screencap of the spreadsheet just for the month. So if you look at the past headers, each one has the days for the month along with the notes for the day in the background. Suitably blurred, of course, because it acts as a bit of a diary for me as well.


My fiction words (the ones that are important to me, if I’m honest) came in at 10,577. Good news – I beat May’s words! And February’s, too, making it the third lowest month, or the fourth highest, depending on whether you’re feeling optimistic or pessimistic. My average words per day for June were 353, and 426 for the year. As these numbers are better than May, I am happy.


Blog words came in lower than fiction words – 8,488! The game I’m playing with myself right now is that I try to write more fiction than blog words. There’s no prize, I just feel good when I manage it.

Best Writing Day

My best writing day came this week, actually. I wrote 1,240 fiction words on Monday, June 26th. It was my best fiction day since April, by far. It wasn’t my only 4-digit day this month, though, so I’d like to also bestow some honor on Sunday, June 4th.

June’s Goal

June’s goal was to write more than May, and I did it! By over 4,000 words. I’m pleased. It may have been considered a weak goal when I set it, but it was a goal I met, and that’s always a boost.

July’s Goal

I don’t know about July’s goal. I’m going to be busy, so big goals will be hard. Let me just list all the things I’d like to do sometime in the second half of the year that I can reasonably forsee and we’ll pick and choose from that list.

  1. Publish A Brief History of Space Cats and the Care and Feeding Thereof
    This is actually written, I just need to make a final pass-through of the print proof and get the ebooks up.
  2. Finish 004, currently untitled
    I’m 17,000 words in, and there’s quite a bit to go. It’s unlikely I’ll finish this enough to publish in July.
  3. Publish 003, currently untitled
  4. Decide on another project to start once 004 is done
  5. Write more than 10,000 in a week
  6. Write more than 1,000 words every day for a month
  7. Write 1,667 words per day in a month that isn’t November

That looks good! I don’t know which I’ll manage in July, but I think writing more than 10,000 in a week is possible sometime in the month, and the first one, getting A Brief History published, could be managed toward the end of July. So that’s vague, but there’s a goal in here somewhere!

That’s the end of the June review, I believe. I’m off to write words soon, I think, and maybe pictures.

End of the first six months

336 fiction words, 501 total words

Later I’ll be doing the June Review, but for now, wow. Six months have gone by. I’m going to sit on that for a moment, and consider doing a six-month review as part of the June review, actually. Not a horrible idea.

Well, yesterday was Friday, and I discovered that I could do really boring things at work while listening to an ebook and suddenly it wasn’t nearly as difficult to A) stay on task, and B) stay awake and stop complaining about having to do boring tasks. (That could be B and C, actually.)

I also discovered (rediscovered?) that when watching Minecraft, I write better when lying down. Oh, okay. So that’s a stretch. But writing while laying down is a thing for me, especially with super-light Writing Computer.

336 fiction words, 501 total words

So while I didn’t annihilate anything, I did write words. Words are good. Those words were good.

Today is laundry and a Monthly Review, which I’m kind of looking forward to. So tomorrow’s words are likely to skyrocket. We shall see.