The hazard of the footstool is that it often gets shoved into shins and toes when nearby humans aren’t paying attention. Gah.

Good morning, at any rate. Hope everyone slept well and is feeling good, and if you’re not feeling good I hope there’s meds available to push you in that direction.

I got caught up on my Minecraft videos yesterday, and in the evening I found a skeleton spawner rather close to where I intend to have my first base on our family server, so that was pleasing. I’m also going to be carving out a couple more slime chunks underground. Hopefully I found the right X and Z coordinates. It’s so easy to switch those around, to be honest.

I also wrote, pulling at a memory from childhood to toss into the scene. I mean, not exactly, but close. Fun stuff.

394 fiction words, 1,160 total words

The blog words were so high because of the monthly review, which should be repeated today because of the Income & Expenses post for later. I’m not going to do that just yet, though. I’ll wait until the extra person in our house vacates. Not that I don’t like extra people, or don’t trust them. I’m even getting used to this one. But it’s new, having the Youth’s friends over so often.

I’m off to write and watch videos created by gamers for the pleasure of my eyeballs.