Income & Expenses: June!

I forgot to do this post on the first Sunday of the month, and at some point I started dreading it. I want to write it, though. I want the record for myself, if no one else. So, here we go.

The month of June was quite better than May for words, and it ended up a mite bit better for income, too.


I didn’t actually spend anything in June, which is good and bad. I didn’t order any proof copies, I didn’t invest in my business at all monitarily.

Part of me is okay with that, of course. If I’m not putting money out, then I’m more likely to earn more than I spend.

The other part of me realizes that there needs to be some kind of output in a business that expects an income. Proof copies, until I become comfortable enough with my skills to not need them. Stock photos, because my photography skills are not up to par. Marketing materials such as business cards, postcards, and other things that make me happy and I think my audience might appreciate.

So – no expenses. Good news, bad news.


I had income! For print and ebooks, actually, and a small income from the UK! I’m thrilled. Beyond thrilled. This is not my first “paycheck” from book sales, but it doesn’t make it any less exciting.

Print and Ebook Sales – $32

Sums Up

I did not apply myself to publishing last month, and that will be reflected in the months to come. I am a firm believer that you reap tomorrow what you’ve sown today, and if I’m not sewing, there’s not going to be much reaping. So I really need to improve on that. I find it hard to take the time to publish when I’m trying to write new material, but it’s important. Writing is, too, but there’s no income if there’s no new material going out.