And I’ve made it back!

We had a lovely vacation and got to catch up with lots of family. Because there were two drivers, I had some time to write. (Although I didn’t really write a lot.)

1,516 fiction words, 1,894 total words, 8 days

I did do photo blogs every day, I didn’t bother with other blogs. I did write a bit over eight days, but that number really looks better as a daily total, don’t you think?

I also got an Idea over vacation. My idea is that soon, although I’m not sure how soon, I will start handwriting a novel, basing the idea off the cover of the journal that I’m going to write it in. I would like to write the entire story inside the covers of the journal, without running out of space or leaving a lot of blank pages.

Whether I publish or not (because I would have to retype it) or whether it just sits on my shelf as one of those novelty things (the cover of the notebook I’ve chosen is quite lovely by itself) is still up in the air. I may wait until November to do this, or I may not.

Exciting ideas from vacations!


2 thoughts on “And I’ve made it back!

  1. Ooooooh, the super secret novel that we’ll consider publishing years after you’re gone. A college fund for the great grand kids! Something for English professors in 2120 to debate over what you really meant and why you didn’t publish it.

    Throw in an obscure dedication so people spend years trying to figure it out. “To M. Sheepshepard — It is hidden where the light strikes three and the tree splits the tee.”


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