Much Hot

Two tabby cats lying on a beige carpet

Furry Adorbs

These guys took a pause from grooming each other to pose. Shybutts is on the left, Static on the right. They seem to be handling the heat better than the humans in the house, with the exception of Shadow that keeps panting. That reminds me to give him a brush the next time I see him, or a really good comb. I might have to look into adding another couple water bowls, too, to be honest. We have plenty out, and they drink, but it gets hairy because Shadow and Fluffy keep shedding into it.

Oh, in other news, I published a thing. It’s not widely available yet because everything is in that odd stage between when I approve it and when they approve it. I’ll update links as I get them.


2 thoughts on “Much Hot

  1. Kitties!!!
    Unlike your kitty friend, me, cats originated in the desert, and generally handle heat better than other creatures.

    I’m more… snow leopard kitty… ha ha.


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