I’m not only having trouble getting to sleep the past couple of days, but I’m having trouble waking as well. The getting to sleep part is unusual because sleep is my superpower. I can sleep anywhere, nearly any time.

I’ve also developed a habit of drinking a soda after 8pm. So that might have something to do with it.

The waking part has been an issue since school got out and I no longer have to wake at 6 a.m. to get the youths ready. I know I feel better when I have more morning before my day starts, so I just need to get past this stupid “wake up” thing. It would benefit my writing, too. So tonight, perhaps, bed at a reasonable hour (10 p.m.) with less soda (no soda) and less visual stimulation. I might be able to hack it with no TV at all if I get home after everyone else is in bed.

530 fiction words, 818 total words

Oh yes, I wrote yesterday, too. Not as much as I want to see, but more than usual.


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