Several rolls of plastic wrap used to keep items on pallets

Pallet Wrap

So, I went to this store. (The name of the store is in the photograph.) And I thought, hey! This product is about $10! That’s very fine, so I purchased it. But it rang up at more like $28, which was not very fine at all. No, it wasn’t. So I was like, huh. And I returned to the store (because I didn’t say anything at the register, because I don’t even know why) from my car, and checked the sticker. The sticker says Scotch, not the name of the store. So this product doesn’t even have a sticker on the shelf. Frustrating! It’s entirely possible I could have harassed them into giving me money back, but I just didn’t want it. Get the right sticker on the damn shelf. (Also, the manager, who was helping someone before me in line, was creepy AF. I did not want to interact with him At. All.) The end.


One thought on “Pricing

  1. Both seem like high prices for shrink wrap.

    So, other note, if you’re using it as intended, wear gloves. After an hour with that, fingers crack. *memories*


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