Several rolls of plastic wrap used to keep items on pallets
Pallet Wrap

So, I went to this store. (The name of the store is in the photograph.) And I thought, hey! This product is about $10! That’s very fine, so I purchased it. But it rang up at more like $28, which was not very fine at all. No, it wasn’t. So I was like, huh. And I returned to the store (because I didn’t say anything at the register, because I don’t even know why) from my car, and checked the sticker. The sticker says Scotch, not the name of the store. So this product doesn’t even have a sticker on the shelf. Frustrating! It’s entirely possible I could have harassed them into giving me money back, but I just didn’t want it. Get the right sticker on the damn shelf. (Also, the manager, who was helping someone before me in line, was creepy AF. I did not want to interact with him At. All.) The end.

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