Hairy Baby

Tabby striped brown and black fur on the side/back of a domestic cat


“Furbabies” is a word derisively used by people who have children and pets for the pets other people treat as children. “Furbabies” is also a word lovingly used by people who have pets and consider them a part of the family, similar to actual children. I’m the latter. That’s one of my furbabies. I will also use “my brothers” not in the sense that they are brothers to me, but that I have four male cats from the same litter. So meet one of my brothers. (I’m pretty sure for as many pictures of my cats that make it on this blog, I’m a Cat Lady. That I might be odd was already established. I wish Odd Cat Lady flowed as well as “Crazy” Cat Lady, but it doesn’t. I don’t want to use the latter phrasing, though, so Odd Cat Lady it is.)