A piece of wood that refused to come into focus

This piece of wood absolutely refused to come into focus. I wonder too if perhaps this project has served its purpose – that I don’t actually enjoy trying to take a photo every day. At least lately I find myself not looking for opportunities to take photos, but looking for something I can take a photo of in my living room without getting up. So this experiment may be at an end, and much earlier than the 365 day goal. This is day 204, so I made it more than halfway. I think I’m no longer going to stress over it, and just keep focusing on whether it’s a fun experiment or a chore.

One Reply to “Stretch”

  1. You’ve done much better on the photos than I have! You did better than I did on my year of sketches (you remember that?), too. Yay, extra creativity and finding the line between fun and obligation! 🙂


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