Well, then!

When I realized last night that I hadn’t written yet, I realized I needed to take a break and skip writing. Yesterday was grocery shopping with a slightly reluctant Junior Youth, and we bought quite a bit more produce than ever makes it in my cart.

Okay, I’ll be honest. Produce hardly ever makes it in my cart, and when it does it’s bananas, strawberries, or apples. I guess “hardly ever” means “nearly never”.

We bought Romaine hearts (lettuce on sticks, I guess?), a cucumber (no one will eat it but me), a green pepper (ditto), a yam (best not to get too adventurous), and a bag of cute potatoes (I hope potatoes take after their French name, literally translated as “apples of the earth”, and are basically the same from one variety to the next). Also strawberries and bananas, but those are usual, so it was easier to buy those.

And you wouldn’t think a grocery trip would take that much out of a person, but it did. There was other stuff going on, of course. The trip had a different price tag than I’m used to. Unpacking the car was different, loading up the refrigerator was foreign, and lurking in the back of my mind is the knowledge that usually when I buy stuff like lettuce, I throw out a moldy, floppy bag of wilted green junk a week or two later when I remember I have it.

Tonight we had a salad. Well, I had a salad, Junior Youth almost had a salad (only half was eaten), and Elder youth had something completely different. So this is new and hard, and I shouldn’t let it take over my writing time, but it kind of has.

Vegetables. Devious things. Oh, and all the strawberries fell to the floor, and the responsible party at the time thought that meant they all needed to be thrown away instead of simply rinsed and put back. So tomorrow I’m eating trash-berries because the party who usually enjoys them is grossed out.

So fruit is whacked, too.

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Edited to add: I forgot yesterday was the Weekly Review day! My focus is way off. I’ve changed the header. Here, have a weekly review statblock to grow on! Clearly the week was distracted.


2 thoughts on “Well, then!

  1. I buy a slightly wider variety of produce than you do, but I still have some issues with it going bad. Fresh herbs are the worst!

    Salads that my family like tend to have meat in addition to lettuce: green leafy or Romaine lettuce, chicken, croutons, dressing. Or taco salads: tortilla chips around the edges, lots of lettuce, beans and chicken, salsa, black olives, cheese, and sour cream. Um, yeah, veggies with lots of animal products! 😀


    • We had chicken with ours last night, but nothing like yours! It sounds delicious! Also like my kids wouldn’t eat it. More for me though if I did!


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