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Adventures in Cookies

Our bananas went ripe yesterday, which usually means they went “bad”, but this week means I peeled them all and tucked two in the freezer for I don’t know what, and put two in a bowl and squished them with a fork in preparation of making cookies.

So I got out my food processor (I should really look around and see if somewhere I have a blender in a box) and processed some oats and then scooped out a bunch of peanut butter and bam. Cookie “dough”.

I expected them to flatten out like regular cookies when baking, but that didn’t happen – they kept their shape really well, and were in no danger of falling off the baking sheet. So I’ll remember that for next time. Also, I don’t have a cooling rack, to my knowledge, so I should probably remedy that. Although there might be one in the basement, now that I think about it. I’m loathe to go down there, but in the name of cooling cookies…

So yeah – they’re not awful, I’ll make them again, and I’ll eat these, probably taking a few to work today in case my kids try them and love them (unlikely).

I stabbed at the keyboard for a bit last night, too.

186 fiction words, 369 total words