Randomness: Health & Body

So random question – I’m thinking of maybe sort of recording digitally, through blog or photos or video or all three, my current poking and plodding through the new-to-me world of vegetarian foods, frugal eating, health, exercise. I’m unsure where to home it. I think Instagram and YouTube hold the most promise in terms of potentially monetizing things in the future, but I’m not certain I’m up to trying to keep up with another set of platforms. I like having my blog here, and I like being able to put whatever I want here (on Nickified.com – I know it also goes elsewhere), but this is me and writing, not me and health, food, or fitness.

Do you think I should just set up a side blog?

Or if I do this, should I keep it here with perhaps a special featured image and content behind a “More” tag so people who aren’t interested don’t have to slog through it?


2 Replies to “Randomness: Health & Body”

  1. I think a fair amount of writers, being people who tend to sit quite a bit, might share your interests.

    Also, if you ever write a character, perhaps a series, who shares your health and food views, having those on your blog might up your credibility and make you more interesting to readers who share the journey. Just a thought.


    1. I think I’m going to keep it apart for now. Just for a bit. Then I can do weird things comfortably until I’m comfortable with them. I can merge later I think. 🙂


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