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Productive Days

Of all the things I got done yesterday, writing fiction was not one of them.

0 fiction words, 569 total words

I did laundry, which involved picking up my grandma’s laundry on the way and then dropping it off on the way home. We washed sheets, too, which added another bag to lug clean laundry home in. I can’t leave my car behind the house because it blocks the alley, so I had to move the car again after getting home.

Oh, and I went shopping for produce and came home with a good quantity for $14 and change. I was very pleased with that. I’m so grateful we have good produce markets with reasonable prices where I live. I’m very lucky that I can take advantage of those.

Today the car is getting the rear brakes looked at, and an oil change. I think DH is taking care of both that and the grocery shopping, so the rest of my day is going to be finances and trash. It doesn’t sound like much, but I’m trying to find budgeting software that works for my budget (ha ha – I don’t have one, thus the problem) and doesn’t put my information online. It’s not that I don’t trust the Internet, but…

I’m off, now, before I forget to publish this.