Ready, Set…

779 fiction words, 1,223 total words

I’d like this week to be better than yesterday’s stress-a-palooza, please.

I fought through words on Sunday. I ought to have made myself do the same on Saturday.

779 fiction words, 1,223 total words

Not bad words, either. Except I really don’t know where this story is going, or if even, at 32,223 words, I’m almost ready to wrap up, or if there’s still 20,000 words left.

I kind of think I’ve stalled, so I probably should write more for the ones I end up cutting out.

To say that I’m pleased with my numbers for the past week would be an understatement. It’s been a while since I wrote so much. Thank you, morning writing. As much as I might have claimed in the past to be a night owl, I get the most done in the morning. Period.

Or at least I did last week.

Before I squeeze that block of words for 2017, I just realized I haven’t done the Income and Expenses for July yet. I’ll try to get to that this week.

August fiction total: 5,860
July fiction total:
June fiction total: 10,577
May fiction total: 
April fiction total: 
March fiction total:
February fiction total: 9,217
January fiction total: 18,615
2017 fiction total: 82,905

Look at that. I’m already doing better than May. Hah!