Getting Creepy

I have a character in my book that just popped in unexpectedly and is turning the story from general blah (oh dear…back to that in a moment) into horror.

Just for a few minutes though. Maybe a chapter or two.

When I tried to think of the genre there for a moment, all I could think of was “blah”. I bet that was my subconscious trying to tell me the story is boring. That’s not good. It’s supposed to be fantasy (I think). Magic, but also heroes and villains.

Well, at any rate I wrote more last night and yesterday morning. Less last night, but I was amused that when it was time to write I stretched out on the sofa, put my legs up on the back of the sofa, and tipped my head nearly off of it. It’s not particularly easy to write like that because my arm gets squished between me and the sofa cushions, but it’s comfortable otherwise. When I write in the morning on my bed I tend to sit up, curl up a leg, lay down, prop my legs on the wall, roll onto my stomach, and write in all of those positions throughout the 30-minute session.

It’s probably interesting to watch. Less fun for the cats that want to share the bed with me, because all of this moving around is not share-friendly.

1,753 fiction words, 1,919 total words

So if I can keep this up, I will likely finish the story in August. I am toying with the idea, though, of taking a day or two and writing a short story. Did I already mention that? Because I nearly posted it on Facebook but didn’t. The thought is that it’s easier and faster to turn those over into published pieces. Pieces published means pieces available to purchase.

Alliteration abounds.

I’m off to start my morning. I hope yours is lovely!


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