2,276 fiction words, 2,789 total words

Well, aside from cutting my hair yesterday, I also wrote some.

Like, really cut my hair. It’s buzzed in the back and there’s like an inch on top. I’ll admit this morning that it’s shorter than I wanted in back and longer than I wanted on top, but that’s fine. It grows, and I really am very happy with it.

Words went well, too.

2,276 fiction words, 2,789 total words

I made good use of that trick my friend Erin uses where I looked at my total when I thought I was done, and then pushed toward another goal.

I pushed toward 1,667, then toward more words than last week, and then finally toward enough words to push the week up to my third best of the year (8,532). My guess is that at the rate I’m going, this week will easily be the best of the year so far. (And the story could be done this month, although I have a bit to go yet.)

I’m good with that.

Today will be frantic at work because there are a lot of things I need to get done before I leave, and I’m leaving early to take Junior Youth back to school shopping. I’m hoping we can keep our costs down and still get cute stuff. New shoes are, apparently, on the list. Big feet run in the family, but they could stop growing now. That’d be great.