1,618 fiction words, 2,089 total words

A Week of Kicking Ass

Yesterday was good for writing! I didn’t manage the best day ever, but my best day so far was very, very good. Yesterday I took some time to relax and play some Minecraft on our family server, working a bit on the eventual WitherSkelly farm, made some good progress, and found another skull.

It was good.

1,618 fiction words, 2,089 total words

I also started another short story but didn’t get as far into it as I’d hoped. While I don’t generally write two stories at once, it’s necessary.

But now for the week.

It was a good week.

It was the best week of the year for writing so far, which happened on Saturday with 10,232 words.

And I had four of the seven days with more than 1,000 fiction words, and two of those were more than 2,000 word days!

The only record I didn’t manage to blast out of the water was the best single day of words. So far, that’s a 2,613-word day in April, and I imagine the next time stand a very strong chance of beating that is in November.

Then again, I might meet a story I just have to write before then and do it sooner.

So, on to the next week. Hopefully I can keep this up and have an even better one! (An every-day 1K day? Yes, please!)