Sleep Changes

1,233 fiction words, 1,424 total words

Since school resumed my Fitbit is telling me I’m getting between four and five hours of sleep instead of the six to seven hours I was getting over the summer. With the exception of yesterday, when it says I woke at 4 a.m. and didn’t track my last hour of sleep, I have been getting about five. Which is not enough, and I feel it. Right now, even with coffee, my eyes are tired and I am very at risk of working myself into a cold, or worse.

THBT! I say.

I need to get to bed earlier, which means I need to start writing sooner after the kids go to bed instead of relaxing a bit more. Generally, I get enough decompression from work between dinner and the kid’s bedtime without taking more. I just don’t want to get too far behind on “my shows”!

Still, I did some severe editing on what I ended up watching last night, skipping people who I thought were favorites and ignoring a lot of the stuff I was merely interested in, and I still lived.

These words aren’t going to write themselves.

1,233 fiction words, 1,424 total words

Still not done with 005, the short story I started two Sundays ago. It’s only going to be 10,000 words. It should not take this long.

Must. Write. Faster.