Finding a balance

105 fiction words, 261 total words

I’m watching a Hermitcraft Livestream today, and FalseSymmetry just said the phrase I picked as the title for today. The entry might not have anything else to do with balance. Just wanted to explain that before moving on and you realize there’s nothing going on in the post that has anything to do with the title.

I probably worry too much.

Yesterday was spent on publishing activities, which took just as much time publishing to one location as they do publishing to two or three locations. Someone, please explain to me how that works. *eyeroll*

Since I was publishing, I didn’t write much.

105 fiction words, 261 total words

As you can see, I still made a little bit of an effort before I crashed for the evening. While normally I would not be happy with that number, I got ridiculous amounts of other things done.

For example:

  • Laundry picked up from Grandmother’s house
  • Junior Youth to foot doctor
  • Trip to my bank
  • Trip to Grandmother’s bank
  • Mail picked up from Grandmother’s house (separate trip)
  • Visiting with Grandmother
  • Youths paid for chores
  • Published new short under pen name

So 105 fiction words? It’s good.

Today is going well, too. So far:

  • Gone through Junior Youth’s clothing to see what fits, has holes, etc
  • Finished Grandmother’s laundry
  • Halfway through my laundry
  • More publishing activities
  • Lunch made

Still on the docket?

  • Finish laundry
  • Return laundry to Grandmother’s house
  • Write (2,000-5,000 words)
  • Start Income & Expenses post for tomorrow
  • Start Monthly Review for tomorrow (it’s looking to be a blog heavy day)
  • Work up a newsletter for Ivey Books

Actually, that’s probably going to get really overwhelming. At least the first three should happen today. I may just let the rest slide into tomorrow.

Well, I hope everyone is having a lovely day! I’m getting drowsy. A nap might feel good. (Naps, like sneezes, always feel good, of course. I’m just saying I might take one now.)


Title Free Zone

340 fiction words, 542 total words

Yesterday I finished that short story and now I’m working on publication duties. This involves (as I may have already mentioned) sending it through Grammarly, creating a cover, picking a title, formatting the manuscript, writing the cover blurb, picking the keywords, and uploading it to Amazon.

I’ve gotten to the formatting step. My least favorite part is writing a cover blurb. the way to get better at it and stop disliking it so much is to practice, which means writing more.

340 fiction words, 542 total words

Yesterday’s words were just finishing words. I’ve done so, and now it’s time to go on to something else.

Of course, there’s still that other novel I’ve got started, and am about 40K into, that needs to be finished. Maybe while I finish the beats for the romance I’m itching to get into I can manage to get to The End with my Rath story. It needs a better title, though.

Feels like Friday

1,031 fiction words, 1,222 total words

It’s always a disappointment when I wake in the morning and it feels like a Friday, but it’s actually Thursday. Or worse, Wednesday. I suppose I will be grateful it’s not one of those weeks.

I finished season six of Call the Midwife, which means in about a week it will be time to rewatch it, and maybe season five, too. Since I have a long time to wait for the next season and all.

I didn’t write a ton yesterday.

1,031 fiction words, 1,222 total words

But what I did write felt more solid than it has in a long time. I slowed down, and I hate to admit that there’s probably a correlation there, but there probably is and I probably should. Even though I’ve been working on this short for what feels like forever, it’s only been eight days. That’s still six days longer than it should have taken, and I’m eager to have it done so I can publish it and move on.

Maybe I’ll get Rath’s book finished. It’s wandering all over the damn place and probably needs a ridiculous amount of polishing, but there’s energy to gain from “The End”, so it would be nice to tackle it.

Romance me to a new novel

743 fiction words, 888 total words

Good morning!

Yesterday was spent writing in the morning (barely), writing in the evening (sort of), mulling over romance novel ideas (thoroughly), and reading. And work, of course. I did go to work.

The book I’m reading is because I just read a how-to book before it, and the examples they gave were for the book I’m reading now. It’s good, I like it, although I might not otherwise have picked it up.

So the writing took second place, even though it got two chances to get done. To say I am distracted would be fair.

743 fiction words, 888 total words

Today the plans are writing before work, and then a bit after as well, but in the middle bits to read at a couple points as well as to plan some more. I haven’t written romance in decades, it’s safe to say, and I’ve had the title I’m going to use floating in my brain for at least five years. So that’s all a bit exciting and distracting.

Speaking of distracting, I’m going to watch more Call the Midwife until the family leaves. Because season six isn’t going to watch itself.

Sharing the love

1,258 fiction words, 1,495 total words

Junior Youth and I just made heart hands at each other. JY said, “I love the Pop Tarts and you,” and I was quick to note that Pop Tarts ranked higher. Ah, the magic of premade breakfast pastries.

I wrote a decent amount yesterday.

1,258 fiction words, 1,495 total words

Most of it was in the morning. I intended to write another 1,000 in the evening, but I ended up watching three episodes of Call the Midwife instead. I declared it self-care and do not regret it one bit.

I definitely feel back in the game, though. While I’ve missed my 5 a.m. alarm the last two days (yesterday because I was up until midnight with CtM), once I got up I’ve been up. I know it’s only two days, but it feels a lot different than when I was feeling sick.

Today’s a new day. Wish me luck!

De-matting Achieved!

1,035 fiction words, 1,238 total words

My longest longhaired cat does not particularly like to be brushed where he gets mats the worst: behind his back leg and under his front leg. So last night when I chose to trim his nails and go at his mats with three different fur-enhancing instruments (one for distraction, two for use) instead of writing, I believe I made the right choice.

And when the undercoat comb got out the worst knot, I know I did. Junior Youth just let me know I didn’t get all of the knots. Ah, well, he’s not perfect yet. I’ll get him the next time he’s prone on his back in my living room, begging for a belly rub.

Distract with the brush, attack with the undercoat comb, follow up with the regular comb.

1,035 fiction words, 1,238 total words

I like posting four-digit word counts. They make me happy.

Last week wasn’t great, and was in fact actually worse than the week before The Event. I feel like I’m kind of back into things now, though. Saturday and Sunday both had 4-digit days, and today (even though I slept through my alarm) I got up easily when DH told me it was after my usual wake-up time.

If I remember to just write the next word, and then the word after that, and continue, then I’m sure I’ll be fine and back up to daily word counts I feel proud of shortly.

Unsure about KU

1,166 fiction words, 1,406 total words

I needed to remind myself last night that I just need to write the next word. Then the next, then the next. I don’t have to write fast, I just need to keep writing.

That, along with a music suggestion, helped me get a decent showing in of words.

1,166 fiction words, 1,406 total words

I’ve been trying Kindle Unlimited with this last set of stories, and I’m not thrilled. I’m torn between continuing to put new shorts there, trying a romance there, or just going back to my usual routine of a wide release using KDP, Smashwords, and BN where necessary. I feel like I had better results that way.

Then again, 24 days isn’t a full sample. I realize this needs time to really show results, but…

I think I’d rather just deal with trying to sell books rather than worrying about how many pages get read.

Well, September isn’t over yet. There’s still time to see how I feel with a little more time at it, and I have another series in mind that I intend to put out with KU. I keep telling myself I’m not afraid of hard work, but I am afraid of no results.

Kind of. Just a little.

Such Weird

266 fiction words, 700 total words

I feel like I’m struggling with blog titles lately. Such weird.

I read an interesting article by a writer I want to emulate about Beta Readers. The gist was that you should really trust your own writing and develop your own voice. I like that, but I also think sometimes I like to hear what my friends think, and sometimes it’s valuable to get a second set of eyes on my writing.

But I also think that what I read makes a lot of sense. Trust yourself, your writing, and keep learning. I like that path, and I’ll be trying to stick to it.

I also made a comment, asking whether Advance Teams fall under the same umbrella as beta readers, and the jury is still out for this particular author. Naturally, I got a little excited to receive any reply at all. Fangirl moment, achieved. 🙂

Here’s the article if you’re interested. If we’re friends on Facebook, you’ve already seen it and can skip it.

266 fiction words, 700 total words

I don’t like that I keep making excuses for low word counts. Last night I simply chose Project Runway over words. It was a lot of fun, and I’m glad I took the time to watch it.

Today is laundry, and so I won’t get many words written, but I have already gotten some important things accomplished. It’s a good day so far, and I’m enjoying the time with Elder Youth.

Lazy Breakfast

  • Oatmeal, 1 cup
  • Vanilla Almond Milk, enough to cover the oatmeal
  • Dried Blueberries, as many as possible

Put the oatmeal in a container – mason jar if you’re hippie, faux Tupperware if you’re me and that’s all you’ve got. Cover the oatmeal with the almond milk – it’s going to soak up, so just covered will be thick, a little more will be better. Add your dried blueberries. Stir.

Insert container into refrigerator for at least 5-6 hours, or overnight for those people who get enough sleep. The next morning, stir again, then consume. Pick dried blueberries out of your teeth, and consume more.

Technically these are called “Overnight Oats”, and you should be using rolled not quick (but quick is all I have, and it works just fine). It’s delicious. It’s not hot first thing in the morning, but still filling. It’s easy, which is good because in the morning I’m lazy. Or at least lately I’m lazy in the morning lately.

Today I actually feel kind of awake at this hour. When my 5 a.m. alarm went off I thought about just sleeping until the 5:30 alarm (because I have six alarms in the morning, and yes, it bothers my bedmate), but then I actually didn’t fall immediately back into “sleep like the dead”. So I got up at 5:10, woke up Junior Youth, left JY in bed because JY takes after Mom/me, fed the cats, and thought, “I’ll just have a glass of OJ before falling back to sleep on the sofa.”

But the OJ woke me. So now I’m here, typing away, and it occurs to me I shouldn’t “waste” words here, I should be writing.


581 fiction words, 784 total words

Yesterday went better. I’d like to finish the short I’m doing by Sunday and get it up, then launch myself into the next series.

I’m learning lots about things like Advance Teams and Newsletters and stuff. I think I’m reasonably close to putting together a newsletter for here, although I have no idea what I’d talk about because it pretty much all goes on the blog.

Oh well. That’s tomorrow’s problem. 🙂

You should try the oats, by the way. Use any milk variety you prefer. Add sugar, brown sugar, honey, or cinnamon if you like. Use fresh berries (which I’ll do when I have them). It can be as nom as you prefer, and the texture, I find, isn’t too slimy. Mine were 11 hours old when I ate them, and the oats still had definable texture and required chewing. Not at all like those oatmeal pouches where the oatmeal is no longer recognizable.

OK, I’m done.

So very sleepy

124 fiction words, 252 total words

To say that I am tired seems like an understatement at this time of the morning. Despite this, I took a look at how my writing week is shaping up.

At least it’s not the worst week this year. (It is the second worst, though. So far.)

124 fiction words, 252 total words

With counts like that, no wonder.

On my way home from work I figured out how I was going to end the short story series I’ve been working on with my pen name. Once I finish and publish the last story, I can bundle them into one. I think I’ll go through the bundle more carefully and edit out some of the odd words I repeated rather heavily that I caught on one of my read-throughs after one of the stories was published. Should have done that to start with.

Also yesterday I got an idea for the next set of short stories I want to write for my pen name. I think it’s a good idea – not particularly plot-heavy, but then the kind of thing I’m writing doesn’t need to be. With an idea in mind, I hope I can write quickly.

Okay, time to wake up the crew. Good morning.