August Review

Okieday! I’m here, this post is on time, things are good!

So, August.

Monthly Total of Fiction Words


Not bad.

Oh, who am I kidding? It was the best month of the year! I kicked the ass of the words so hard, and I want lots and lots and lots more of months a million times better than that, but the next couple could be in that range and I would be happy. I could make it work, as they say on the show on the television in front of me.

Because right now I’m not writing fiction and so I can watch TV!

Best Week Ever

Week 34 – 12,321

Can numbers be palindromes? Because I just realized that week was a palindrome. Well, anyway, it was an amazing week. I had two 2K+ days, and two 1.5K+ days and those are what pushed me over for sure. I could totally get used to those.

Oh, wait, I kind of did! Because the number two week ever was the very next week, and that one held a 5K+ day and a 2K+ day.

Take that, writer’s block!

Blog Words


I started a new blog in August, and I haven’t been back in a week or so because I was focusing on my fiction, but I want to get back to it. But if it dies because I only have the energy for fiction and that’s where it all goes? So be it.

August Goals

  1. Finish 004, currently untitled, 26,363 words
  2. Write more than 10,000 in one week
  3. Write more than 1,000 words every day for a month
    I’m kind of sure August won’t be that month, but I’ll still try.
  4. Write 1,667 words per day in a month that isn’t November

I got one goal done! 😀 I had to put 004 on pause to focus on a different genre which I write under a pen name. I started 005, which I have not yet finished, and 006, which I did finish and publish. I’m working hard on 005 right now, and anticipate finishing it tonight or tomorrow.

I’m just so tired.

September Goals

  1. Write 1,667 words every day in a month that isn’t November
    I have three months left to achieve this, so I might as well make it this month. It’s a warm-up.
  2. Write and publish two shorts under my pen name every week
  3. Finish 004
    This may get pushed into October, if I’m honest. We’ll see – if I finish 005 and manage goal #2 early every week, I’d have time to write more on 004. We’ll just see how it plays out.

I don’t need more goals for September. I’m so tired right now it’s silly. I am so glad the kids are back in school and the first week is over and I have some time to sleep. I’ll be doing a lot of it this weekend, I really hope.

That’s it! All wrapped up! I will see you again tomorrow!


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