Back to it (again)

290 fiction words, 467 total words

“It” in this case referring to school and work. Yesterday was lovely, although I didn’t accomplish my goals exactly as I planned.

I ended up finishing an 8K short, but poorly. I rushed to get it done, and the plot kind of disappeared. I’m disappointed in myself that I went ahead and published it, thinking I’ll just “fix” it later, but it would be really easy to just leave it up to rot. Part of me knows I’m going to write some really awful stuff, and I’ll end up publishing some of it, but I’d rather not go into it knowing that it sucks.

So that’s weighing on me, and I thought about not mentioning it, but figured if I’m offering up the good days that not everyone talks about, I should probably do the same with the bad days.

290 fiction words, 467 total words

Yesterday’s 290 words were the attempt to tie up the ends of that short, and the rest of the day was spent publishing.

I think the other reason I rushed is that I had two incomplete WIP. I like to finish one project and start the next, and lately, I’ve been writing new things with those other two still hanging open. It felt cluttered and jumbled and bad, so I wanted to get at least one off my plate. Except it still feels like the one I “finished” is still hanging off the plate, like something I cut off but doesn’t want to leave.


We’ll see how today goes. I have no goals, really. Just this regret swimming in my brain.