369 fiction words, 665 total words

Anxious for time to pass

There’s a large event coming up in my life next week and I’m anxious for the time to pass until next Sunday because then it will be over. I expect it will be a huge relief to have it over and done with, and I look forward to that time.

Until then, I’m trying to focus on writing and publishing and research. There’s that anxiety poking at the back of my brain for the weekend, but I’m trying (and failing) to ignore it.

369 fiction words, 665 total words

Words for yesterday were low, as you can see. I ended up doing much less work and much more relaxing with Minecraft and a couple movies – The Dressmaker and Cinderella. It was nice, though. I’m glad I took the time to rest my brain.

Now I’m off to write. I hope it doesn’t suck. 🙂