551 fiction words, 624 total words

It’s over

The big event is done with, it was a success, and we’re just dealing with the usual “day after” kind of things now. Tomorrow I return a piece of rented equipment, we make up some of the extra food, etc.

I didn’t have time to either post or write yesterday at all, which is disappointing, but I knew it would be hard. I’m also battling one of those colds you get when you work too much and don’t rest enough. Please forgive me if I’ve ranted on and on about that over the past few days. I’m a little fuzzy in the head right now.

So since I skipped yesterday entirely in all respects, let me review Saturday.

551 fiction words, 624 total words

I think these were Laundry words, squeezed in between the two loads I did that evening. Perfunctory words, to show that I was able to write even when I didn’t feel top notch.

Those are the kind of words I probably would have ground out yesterday, but I simply didn’t have time.


So today was more laundry and then a lot of sleeping and some medicine, and then some adorable cats. It’s always best to end a day with adorable cats.

A grey and tan tabby cat lying on an autumn harvest patterned sofa

You needed this adorable tabby in your life. Meet Meltycat (Shybutts)