Productive In Spite Of

Yesterday went well for being kind of miserable. I wrote a few words, but not nearly as much as I would like for an unsick day. Fortunately, it was a sick day, so I’m happy I wrote.

171 fiction words, 386 total words

Quite honestly, I’m feeling rather irritated that I didn’t manage any words Saturday. I wasn’t bothered when it happened, and I gave myself permission to not get anything done. But when I’m thinking about it now, I should have made a point to get on and write 50 words, or 500 words. I can do that rather quickly, and it would have just taken a little bit of planning.

I’m going to keep it in mind for next time I have something big planned.

Here’s the point of the post where I’m very happy that I take notes daily on what I did that day. Last week I published under my pen name on Tuesday, I went to my regular Tuesday write/edit group, went to two school open houses for the Youths, and made it through a full week of work.

I wrote a bit less than the week before, but 9 of 38 (I just realized the graphic is wrong – I’m not fixing it now) is not bad at all. I’m pleased and looking forward to making this week another #1 week.