Yesterday I took a half day off of work to come home and sleep in preparation for Tuesday and Wednesday when I will be unable to take a similar break if I needed it. I’m feeling pretty good now, though, so that’s a bonus.

I’m having some very strange (for me) breakfast food, although it’s essentially oatmeal. I’ve let myself run out of the things that have become staples over the past month – kale, romaine, cucumber – and so all I’ve got is chia seeds, oatmeal, frozen bananas, and some almond milk. There’s also an abundance of dried blueberries, which are making the oatmeal very chewy, even though they soaked overnight. It definitely drove me to use the oatmeal that’s just been hanging in my panty, so that was good. I’m looking forward to picking up some of the things I’m out of, though, because I miss my smoothies.

Last night I barely wrote, and I must confess, I’m really having a hard time with that. I have a long fantasy piece that’s around 47,000 words that I don’t know how to finish. I estimate I’m about 2/3 through it, and I need to have that big breakthrough that will send me on an avalanche of word production. I just don’t know what that is, and that’s frustrating.

223 fiction words, 442 total words

I have been publishing some short stories through a pen name, and that’s not going well either. I shouldn’t expect to see results in a month – that’s not unheard of, but I’m also doing it part time and am not doing the level of marketing I should be to get 30-day results. So the frustration with a lack of results is slowing down the ideas there as well.

I’m not giving up, though. Today I’m going to try for 2,000 words at my writing group, hopefully in a new short for my pen name. It’s more important that I keep those going than finishing the longer fantasy piece I mentioned because, in that genre, production is key. If I can get an entire short story finished today, that would be amazing.

Wish me luck.


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