Lazy Breakfast

  • Oatmeal, 1 cup
  • Vanilla Almond Milk, enough to cover the oatmeal
  • Dried Blueberries, as many as possible

Put the oatmeal in a container – mason jar if you’re hippie, faux Tupperware if you’re me and that’s all you’ve got. Cover the oatmeal with the almond milk – it’s going to soak up, so just covered will be thick, a little more will be better. Add your dried blueberries. Stir.

Insert container into refrigerator for at least 5-6 hours, or overnight for those people who get enough sleep. The next morning, stir again, then consume. Pick dried blueberries out of your teeth, and consume more.

Technically these are called “Overnight Oats”, and you should be using rolled not quick (but quick is all I have, and it works just fine). It’s delicious. It’s not hot first thing in the morning, but still filling. It’s easy, which is good because in the morning I’m lazy. Or at least lately I’m lazy in the morning lately.

Today I actually feel kind of awake at this hour. When my 5 a.m. alarm went off I thought about just sleeping until the 5:30 alarm (because I have six alarms in the morning, and yes, it bothers my bedmate), but then I actually didn’t fall immediately back into “sleep like the dead”. So I got up at 5:10, woke up Junior Youth, left JY in bed because JY takes after Mom/me, fed the cats, and thought, “I’ll just have a glass of OJ before falling back to sleep on the sofa.”

But the OJ woke me. So now I’m here, typing away, and it occurs to me I shouldn’t “waste” words here, I should be writing.


581 fiction words, 784 total words

Yesterday went better. I’d like to finish the short I’m doing by Sunday and get it up, then launch myself into the next series.

I’m learning lots about things like Advance Teams and Newsletters and stuff. I think I’m reasonably close to putting together a newsletter for here, although I have no idea what I’d talk about because it pretty much all goes on the blog.

Oh well. That’s tomorrow’s problem. 🙂

You should try the oats, by the way. Use any milk variety you prefer. Add sugar, brown sugar, honey, or cinnamon if you like. Use fresh berries (which I’ll do when I have them). It can be as nom as you prefer, and the texture, I find, isn’t too slimy. Mine were 11 hours old when I ate them, and the oats still had definable texture and required chewing. Not at all like those oatmeal pouches where the oatmeal is no longer recognizable.

OK, I’m done.