1,035 fiction words, 1,238 total words

De-matting Achieved!

My longest longhaired cat does not particularly like to be brushed where he gets mats the worst: behind his back leg and under his front leg. So last night when I chose to trim his nails and go at his mats with three different fur-enhancing instruments (one for distraction, two for use) instead of writing, I believe I made the right choice.

And when the undercoat comb got out the worst knot, I know I did. Junior Youth just let me know I didn’t get all of the knots. Ah, well, he’s not perfect yet. I’ll get him the next time he’s prone on his back in my living room, begging for a belly rub.

Distract with the brush, attack with the undercoat comb, follow up with the regular comb.

1,035 fiction words, 1,238 total words

I like posting four-digit word counts. They make me happy.

Last week wasn’t great, and was in fact actually worse than the week before The Event. I feel like I’m kind of back into things now, though. Saturday and Sunday both had 4-digit days, and today (even though I slept through my alarm) I got up easily when DH told me it was after my usual wake-up time.

If I remember to just write the next word, and then the word after that, and continue, then I’m sure I’ll be fine and back up to daily word counts I feel proud of shortly.