Romance me to a new novel

743 fiction words, 888 total words

Good morning!

Yesterday was spent writing in the morning (barely), writing in the evening (sort of), mulling over romance novel ideas (thoroughly), and reading. And work, of course. I did go to work.

The book I’m reading is because I just read a how-to book before it, and the examples they gave were for the book I’m reading now. It’s good, I like it, although I might not otherwise have picked it up.

So the writing took second place, even though it got two chances to get done. To say I am distracted would be fair.

743 fiction words, 888 total words

Today the plans are writing before work, and then a bit after as well, but in the middle bits to read at a couple points as well as to plan some more. I haven’t written romance in decades, it’s safe to say, and I’ve had the title I’m going to use floating in my brain for at least five years. So that’s all a bit exciting and distracting.

Speaking of distracting, I’m going to watch more Call the Midwife until the family leaves. Because season six isn’t going to watch itself.