There is a meme going around Facebook. Once nominated by a current participant, you are to post seven black and white photos from your life. No people, no explanations. And then you nominate someone every day to do the meme, too.

Naturally, I saw it and couldn’t help myself. I didn’t wait for a nomination, and I haven’t nominated anyone. I’m enjoying taking people-free photos of parts of my day, and because they’re black and white I’m not worrying about dust or clutter or crap lying around. That stuff all looks artsy when you’re taking monochrome photos, anyway.

It’s spreading quickly. The one person on my friend’s list who was doing it with me quickly spread to two, and now five, I believe. I’m sure it will be everywhere soon, and I’m sure everyone will be doing it better than me. But I’m enjoying it.

So that’s that.