1,385 fiction words, 1,605 total words

It’s October, and so it is that time of year when writing events move from Tuesday to Wednesday.

I wrote some good words yesterday. I thought I would finish the story last night, but that didn’t happen (stupid self-control…) and so I’m left with this morning, and perhaps an attempt at writing this evening.

Since I’m no longer in charge, I can be as anti-social as I please. This pleases me greatly in my current mindset.

1,385 fiction words, 1,605 total words

I need to make a dash to a warehouse store as well today, and I’m hoping they’ll have my veggie applesauce. Otherwise, I’ll need to make a stop at the other warehouse store, and spending money gives me anxiety lately. Bleh.


Picture day

916 fiction words, 1,176 total words

I can tell it’s picture day for Junior Youth because the bathroom has been occupied for an hour. Hair must be straightened, and hopefully, it stays perfect despite the weather (because the weather always seems to mess with things like this) and time between getting ready and photo.

Yesterday I started writing a new short that I’m pleased with.

916 fiction words, 1,176 total words

For no reason, in particular, I tend to start getting “down” about this time of year. It progressively gets worse until halfway through January, if memory serves. It’s time to start paying attention to that and actively working against it because I can already feel myself withdrawing from the things I usually enjoy and making excuses not to do them. They’re valid reasons, too, but not insurmountable.

This time last year I don’t even know if I was writing at all. I just went to check my tracker and there’s a large gap between September and November. I am pleased to note that there will be no such gap this year. Tiny little blurps, but no big gaps.

So I’ll keep an eye on my mood and try to keep doing things I usually love doing, but also not doing things when I really just don’t want to. It’s a fine line. We’ll see how it goes.

Definitely morning

246 fiction words, 728 total words

Ugh. It feels so early. I am not thrilled with this hour of the day. I am safe with my coffee and Junior Youth on the sofa in the living room, but I would much rather be safe and toasty in bed.

But the day and week call.

246 fiction words, 728 total words

I was distracted when I wrote last night which meant poor quantity. That’s not great. November is just 30 short days away now, and I need to get my daily count up fast so it’s not a struggle.

I may have mentioned somewhere online that I wasn’t committed to NaNoWriMo this year yet, but the upcoming event is still a habit, apparently.

Otherwise, yesterday was fine. I found out September wasn’t nearly the crap month that it felt like. It was actually super productive, and I felt much better about it after looking at the numbers.

On to the last week, now.

Not too bad. A small increase from the week before which also felt particularly bleh.

Let’s see – in the last week I didn’t write one day (mentioned three times now – I’ll stop), I published one pen name short story that took entirely too long to write, and I had two 1K+ days. It wasn’t too bad.

I just realized I have forgotten to post these monthly counters for the past four weeks. Back to it!

October fiction total: 246
September fiction total:
August fiction total:
July fiction total:
June fiction total: 10,577
May fiction total: 
April fiction total: 
March fiction total:
February fiction total: 9,217
January fiction total: 18,615
2017 fiction total: 140,628

September Review

Before I even look at my numbers, September felt like kind of a wash. Not a horrible month, but I was distracted, busy, sick, and I did not write like I wanted to. So it’s not the kind of month I will look back on with fond memories, but it is the kind of month I will be more prepared for next year. There’s a good learning experience here, and that is that I can do better.

So, on to the review.

Bad News

There were two days with no fiction words and one day with no words at all. The no words day was a major work event when my day started at 8 a.m. and ended at midnight, and I did it with a cold, after a week of being sick, and with a week of catch-up sleep to follow.

Good News

September actually ended up being my best month of writing this year so far. I wrote 30,811 fiction words, compared with 27,362 from August.

My average fiction words per day came out to 1,027 for September, and they’re up to 549 per day for the year.

I had my best week of the year in the first full week of September with 12,363 words.

I published five short stories under my pen name.

So…fuck, it wasn’t a bad month at all. In fact, it was great!

September’s Goals Reviewed

  1. Write 1,667 words every day in a month that isn’t November
  2. Write and publish two shorts under my pen name every week
  3. Finish 004

Actually, I didn’t do any of these. It was possible, and I still had a great month, but I didn’t get these goals accomplished.

October’s Goals

  1. Write 1,667 words every day in a month that isn’t November
  2. Finish 004
    Tentatively titled The Rath of the Raven, I’m going to finish this before November, period.

I don’t know that I needed humbler goals, but there we go. I would like to write a romance this month as well, but I’m not sure if that will happen. I just need to write, and I have enough ideas to get it done.


0 fiction words, 319 total words

I’m not sure why I used that particular title. I don’t plan on spending all of October plotting for NaNoWriMo. I have a project I plan on planning out, but it will get written much sooner than November. I’m not even 100% on board for NaNo this year, to be perfectly honest. It might be time for a break for me.

Yesterday I did more publishing things and didn’t get a single word written.

0 fiction words, 319 total words

Just blog words. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Not great, that’s certain.

Today there’s a monthly review to write up and an income and expenses post. There actually aren’t any of either, which is a little disappointing, but I don’t want to come back and wonder what happened to it in the future.

Here I go.