This is my holiday

I just wanted to wish everyone a fantastic Christmas Day and Monday. The lights, the snow, the opportunity to find ways to show my loved ones they’re loved, it all adds up to a rather lovely day.

Lots of times Christmas is a sad time for me, although not always for any particular reason. It can just get depressing sometimes. Some of my family and loved ones suffer in this season as well. I can do nothing but be there to listen and do the best I can to listen when they need me and reinforce how much I love them.

This Christmas season, this December, has been a positive one for me. I have been filled with gratitude and joy for all the good things and people in my life, and I am excited about my upcoming 40th birthday, to start a new decade with the right mindset and the right attitude.

I’ll still be writing. I’m taking a bit of a rest right now, and it’s just what I need. I will be back soon in full force, blogging and wording and doing Nicki things in a suitably Nickified manner.

For now…

Merry Christmas!

Photo by on Unsplash