Big Fat Flakes

I so loved going outside this morning to the sight of my backyard turned into a snow globe. I took pictures and a movie, as if I had never set sight on such things before.

Falling snow just makes me happy. Shoveling snow does not, but what we got today was perfect for me. The cold didn’t seem so cold. The wind was nonexistent. My windshield needed no scraping.


My favorite part was that the fat flakes could be seen when my phone took pictures. I even took a short video, in a feeble attempt to bottle the joy of my brief encounter.

I’ll figure out how to post that later.



My uncle introduced me to tattoos when I was a child simply by having them on his forearms. I believe he has one on each forearm and one on each bicep, but I only remember the tiger. It crawled toward his wrist, from what I recall, and he must have got it when he was young because it faded well with age.

I liked them. I didn’t know explicitly that I would get one until I was older but get one I did, shortly before my son was born. It’s on the top of my back and usually hidden by my clothes. People are surprised when they see it, and the first comment is usually along the lines of, “I didn’t know you had a tattoo,” followed up with, “Can I see it?” because it’s only peeking out the top of my shirt.

Recently I got another. This one will be much more visible as it’s positioned on the inside of my wrist, and I’m not in the habit of wearing long sleeves. It will be clear to many people why I got it when they see it, and I’m thrilled with what my artist whipped up from what I told her I wanted.

It itches right now, having entered the scabby/flaky stage. I’m thrilled for this, and the art is healing well. My first tattoo suffered from my not being able to see it, and not wanting to ask for help with its aftercare, but this one will not. This one, I’m pleased to say, I have not yet picked or fussed with except for adding perhaps a tad more ointment than I was instructed.

There’s another itch, though, too. Almost before the redness had faded and the swelling had gone down, I began to want another. The same arm, unfortunately, which will create a slightly unbalanced distribution of art, and almost certainly likely to create a need to add to the other arm, and then full sleeves before you know it. (I’m only joking about the timeline, so you know.)

And so that’s where I am. Itching, healing, admiring, and so happy with my new ink.

Fully healed and stuffed

Love/Hate with Facebook

I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m going to bring it up again because I’m angry.

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook.

I love the ability to write quick updates about what’s happening during my day and that I can keep up with friends in the same way by reading their updates.

I love keeping in touch with friends from school or areas I used to live in, getting to watch their families grow from afar.

I love that Facebook shows me what happened on this day in past years, bringing up lovely memories, and sometimes sad ones, to reflect on and find joy in.

I don’t like that Facebook won’t show me everything, even when I ask it to display my feed by the most recent posts made by friends.

I don’t like that I can’t reliably reach a Page audience who, presumably, want to see my content, without paying for the privilege.

I don’t like how some communities (that I find genuine value in 85% of the time) are run. I don’t like how I let those negative feelings impact me.

The impulsive part of me wants to delete my account there and never look back. I won’t do that, of course, but I really, really want to right now. Perhaps I need to add something to my #40while40 list, and take 40 days off of Facebook, or perhaps even all social media. I grew up without it, so I certainly could survive without it now. There are times when I need it at work, but not significantly, and not with the same irritations.

I really like that idea, the more I think about it. We’ll see how it goes.

For now, I’ve enjoyed my overnight oats with dried cranberries, and it’s time to go back to it. Have a lovely day, everyone!


Interesting how the word “meme” applies here, as “me, me!” I found this sucker on Facebook but decided to put it here instead. I also took some time this week to update my #40while40 and /now pages – not a ton, just a bit. The #40while40 will update all year as I think of my 40 things an get some of those things accomplished.

Actually, here’s a quick secret – I’m less than a week away from accomplishing one of the items. 🙂 And another – some of the “do X daily” items won’t be managed daily. The intent is to keep those things front of mind and do my best to incorporate them into my routine. If I manage that, I will succeed. 🙂

Anyway, on to the meme.

Four places I’ve lived

  1. An hour from Captain Kirk’s birthplace
  2. Close enough to see the St Louis Arch on my walk to school
  3. Less than 45 minutes from where the music died
  4. The Lehigh Valley

Four places I’ve worked

  1. Eden Seminary
  2. Pizza Hut
  3. Transport America
  4. RE/MAX

Four things I love to watch

  1. My cats play
  2. Minecraft Let’s Plays
  3. Andrew Lloyd Webber creations
  4. Rainbows

Four places I have been

  1. Mexico
  2. Alaska
  3. Germany
  4. Czech Republic

Four things I love to eat

  1. Pizza
  2. Salads
  3. Hummus
  4. Pizza (I couldn’t write pizza 4x, but I wanted to)

Four favorite drinks?

  1. Caffeine (various forms)
  2. Appletini
  3. Mtn Dew
  4. Orange Juice

Four favorite things to do?

  1. Watch visual media
  2. Write
  3. Read
  4. Playing Minecraft with my kids

I thought of one last thing that is completely unrelated to these short lists. I tried to post daily last year and update frequently on my writing. I fell out of the habit toward the end of the year.

It served me well more than once to report in on my word counts, but daily blogging quickly felt like a chore and not one I always enjoyed. So while I do want to have a way to report and be held accountable for my words written to whoever stops by to read, I don’t know what form that will take.

Words have been good the past couple of days, by the way. The first week of the year brought 4,997 words, a 972% increase from the last week of December. So far in January I have written 5,401 words, and my highest word count day so far held 2,892 words. So far, a decent start.

Third of 2018, January

It’s my birthday! I’m officially 40. I’m very happy to be 40, and I’ve had a lovely day so far.

I slept in until about 11 a.m., but that was after waking up at 6 a.m. and getting everyone off to school and work. So technically I took a four-hour nap an hour after waking up. That was lovely.

Then I did my morning routine things that I usually do when the kids are getting ready, and which I should be doing an hour before they need to even get up. But last night I went to a late movie and didn’t get to bed until nearly 2 a.m., so I forgave myself not waking at 5 a.m. today.

Then I watched some Black Mirror and replied to a lot of birthday wishes (thank you, everyone!) and by then it was already time for kids to get home from school, so I postponed my errands until that happened.

Then out into the cold! I’ve been needing air in my tires for a week (since it first got supercold), and so took care of that, got lunch from the gas station, forgot to get actual gas, and then went to a tattoo parlor to get an appointment. I was a bit nervous to go in, but overcame it, just like the haircut. It actually worked out much more perfectly than I could have imagined, and in 9 days I’ll be sporting some new ink. I’m quite excited about that.

And then back into the cold! Off to pick up my laptop which I left somewhere warm so I could see that movie last night without breaking the electronics (never leave your electronic toys in the cold or hot, folks!), visited with the custodians of my laptop, returned a package to its rightful owner, and went to get the gas I’d forgotten earlier.

Then dinner. I used to work at Pizza Hut and I still love their food. And bonus, a 50% off all online orders coupon got me my food for half price! Brought it home, ate, watched some YouTube (got sucked into YouTube, really – so easy, yet so treacherous), and now that everyone’s asleep, I’m writing.

Technically I’m blogging. But it’s still writing, and I still count blog words.

I’m 40! 😀

I had a great day. It wasn’t anything special except that I feel special, and grateful, and loved.  I am looking forward to this year – the ups and the inevitable downs – the hard work and the joy and all the good stuff.

And the books. There is an enormous pile of very good books to read.

And to write. 40 stories in my 40th year. Time to get cracking!

Self Portrait at 40

The first of 2018

Happy New Year!

I mentioned yesterday that I’m excited. I’m still excited. If I’m honest, I’m more excited about turning 40 in two days, and my New Year enthusiasm is really “I’m about to be 40!” enthusiasm.

As a result, I didn’t do resolutions this year. I started in November with a list of 40 things I wanted to do while I’m 40, and then couldn’t think of anything else, and then yesterday I picked it up again. I had thought it would be the kind of thing I’d leave in my Bullet Journal (which is also getting an upgrade this year) but then decided I really wanted it here.

The link is up in the header. Essentially, when the year is over, I hope to have 40 completed goals. And if I don’t complete them exactly as I’ve listed them, I hope to have aimed high enough that my failures will still feel good.

I didn’t list it as a goal because my writing goal is to publish 40 things, but I’d like to also write 1,000,000 words of fiction this year. That is achievable, but only if I work hard at staying on top of my daily writing habit.

Which would start today, now that I think about it. I generally took off December from writing, because of holidays and birthdays and all the things that I didn’t get done in November. Part of me feels compelled to go back to finish the stories I started in 2017 but didn’t bring to completion, but I’m going to ignore that voice (even though it’s breaking the rules) and forge ahead with something new. Maybe a short story to get the year off to a good start.

I think that may be it for now. I’m off to find a story and tell it, then package it up and put it up for sale. Happy New Year!

Featured Image Photo by Marc Sendra martorell on Unsplash