“Okay, here’s the situation…”

I’m going to have some financial-oriented content to post soon, a series of articles about debt and my experience with it. I thought about starting a whole new blog for it, but let’s face it: I start new blogs and then run out of things to say and then they die. I don’t need another online space to get abandoned right now.

So I’ll put the articles I want to write here under the Monies category, which has been previously used for income and expenses. I’m not doing those because I don’t have writing income to speak of (and because last year depression got in the way of continuing that content).

It’ll be kind of personal stuff because that’s my level of experience. It’ll be kind of personal stuff because when I can find personal stories like mine, it’s so incredibly helpful and cathartic. I want more of those stories out there. I want to personally reinforce to myself what I’ve learned. I want to share so if someone else stops by and is right now where I was 10 years ago, they could maybe avoid some of my mistakes.

That’s what’s coming up. Just thought I’d warn you.