Productive Things

My free time needs to be dedicated to income-producing activities and chores. So when I tried to do one of the former but couldn’t, I had to go to the latter, which in this today’s case is taxes.

My list of income-producing activities is short.

  • day job
  • side job
  • writing
  • second side job which hasn’t coalesced into actual income yet

My list of chores is…longer.

  • feed the kids
  • do the laundry
  • do the dishes
  • do the taxes
  • try to make a budget
  • try to stick to the budget
  • do the shopping
  • don’t completely lose my shit

That last one is getting harder and harder.

I did (almost) finish the taxes, though. I got hung up on the last step, but I should be able to wrap it up tomorrow.

Tomorrow. Which hopefully will not include a meltdown on my part.

Do not completely lose my shit.