I gave up Facebook for 40 days between February and the end of March. It was an easy experiment. I left in the midst of a storm of “‘Thoughts and prayers’ are the new ‘Fuck You'” posts, and I didn’t look back.

I had a good 40+ days where I wasn’t wondering if that blind item an acquaintance posted was somehow about something I’d just posted, where I wasn’t idly scrolling past the same updates I’d seen several times before, and when I wasn’t getting angry about Facebook not showing me things in chronological order.

I am so ready to give that up.

I guess it would be more appropriate to say that I am giving that up.

I can’t quite decide whether I should deactivate my account, though. While I don’t have the urge to go scrolling through my feed anymore, a lot of people and potential readers are on Facebook. That’s just a fact, and one I probably shouldn’t ignore.

You might be wondering, at this point, when I get around to tying into this post’s title to the content. That might not happen, actually. I had something in my head, where another author had rejected something a while back but then showed today that they were still active with what they had proclaimed was no longer in their interest. Yeah, I’m not going there.

So for now, you won’t see me on Facebook except when these posts pop up over on my feed. It’s much nicer over here, anyway. Come hang with me here!