I can’t decide…

I have a whole Sunday, and I have quite the list of things to do, but I can’t decide where to direct my energy next.

I could…

  1. Try doing the finances
  2. Clean and declutter by my chair
  3. Vacuum the living room
  4. Take out the trash
  5. Write a story
  6. Take an exam to increase my earning abilities


  1. That will probably entail trying to start a budget, and my afternoon will absolutely run away from me
  2. I might be better off doing that when the kids are asleep so I can just watch TV and throw things out
  3. My son is using the TV and the vacuum is noisy and I don’t want to disrupt him
  4. I’m waiting for help to gather the cat sand upstairs because I want to completely replace it and I need some help from the aforementioned son
  5. I’m afraid of sitting in front of a blank screen when I could be doing something productive
  6. I might be better off doing this in the evening after the kids are asleep

So instead of doing something productive, I’m goofing off on my blog. I think I’m going to go with #2 for now, and hope I don’t get distracted by the shelves, which need a second culling.