I painted a thing!

This was so much fun. I love painting parties, and I always leave feeling like I can do this kind of thing some weekend on my own. Of course, it never works out that way. I never buy the canvas or brushes or paint or find a painting to emulate. I’m glad they brought this to my office, and that I was able to participate. I took a couple photos along the way.


I was goofing off while everyone else was tracing stencils to get properly shaped fish. It’s hard to read, but it’s a fish with a halo that’s saying, “I’m a koi I swear!”
Blue! I tried to post-blend the blue and aqua but should remember to do it while wet.
The blending came out a bit better here, I’d say.


My (nearly) completed painting complete with gold hearts just before I saw that someone else had added gold swirls to their painting.
All done and ready for the wall! It might be a space koi at this point. It’s hard to tell.

Back to Meditation


I’ve not been making it a priority lately, and that’s a mistake. Yesterday I used Headspace (the app with the free intro but then too-high subscription price) to get back into it, using the free daily guided meditation, and then today I went back to Insight Timer (free, which is the right price for me). It was just 15 minutes today, and my head wasn’t very empty, but it felt great. I got all drowsy maybe, or perhaps that was just peace, but I liked it.

Then (of course) I went straight to bad drivers on YouTube. I meant to search for something inspirational but allowed myself to get sidetracked.

Yesterday in the way of self-care I minimized my purse. There are still things in it I don’t use often, but they are things that are good to have for emergencies, and so offer value. For example, I carry two flash drives. I don’t use them, but they’re kind of like when your mom tells you to always carry a $20 so you can get home if whatever. One never knows when they’ll need to make an emergency backup of something critical that just does not belong in the cloud.

Well, my day is about to start trying to do me in. Wish me luck!