Cooking (sort of) and Cleaning (sorting, really)

I made a dressing this morning that I had found online a year ago for a simple tahini dressing. The first time I tried it, I used hummus accidentally, but it was delicious. So I thought I would try it today actually with tahini.

I know what tahini is, I’ve had a jar for about a year (oops), and still I had a completely different taste in mind when I opened the jar. It actually is much closer to peanut butter than hummus in its flavor, and I have since learned that I was expecting garlic, not nuts.

I’m not going to overthink that. Neither should you. On with the story!

So I made the dressing – it’s just tahini, water, salt, and garlic powder. Turns out I didn’t have garlic powder, but I did have minced garlic in a jar that was still good, so I put that in.

I kind of measured everything, but not really. Not really because I have a drawer for all my large utensils, and it’s a damn mess. It barely closes. Things start out at the front and make their way to the back. Some things are broken and don’t work well. Other things are just…I don’t know. Weird.

So the dressing came out a bit…strong. Strong would be the nicest word. At work I cut a lemon and added a bit of juice and that just made it Lemon Strong.

I’m blaming this on the drawer, and winding the post back around to cleaning. I wanted to clean off my desk this week, but I think instead I’m going to clean out the damn large utensil drawer. My cleaning and decluttering plan is completely all over the damn place, but that’s because I am, too. I don’t have time to dump everything in the center of a room and spent an entire weekend getting everything sorted and put away. I have an hour here, or three hours there. I can clean off an entire shelf, or maybe just a drawer, and clean that one thing.

It’s going to mean that I’ll have to go back and redo the drawer at some point. Possibly more than once. I’ll find more large utensils in other hidey places and put them in the drawer, find it’s stuffed again, and have to fix things again. That’s what’s going on with the shelves right now, actually. Sometime in the past year, I already cleaned those suckers off. But then this weekend, I did it again. And then I saw other areas with more books. I’m going to end up doing that a third time, too.

Oh, for a week where I could just concentrate on cleaning, so I could make a dressing that doesn’t feel like I’m trying to turn myself into a garlic-breathing dragon.

If you missed the link before, here’s the recipe I tried: 3-Ingredient Tahini Sauce