I did it! (more cooking adventures)

I made rice!

Yes, I’m 40 and I’ve never (that I can recall) made rice that didn’t come in a microwavable bag.

I made long grain brown rice, with a teeny bit of salt, and it doesn’t suck!

It did make a mess in the bottom of my pan, but I think maybe that’s because I peeked at it. Lifting the lid is a no-no, I’ve been told.

I made rice so I could prep easy lunches for the week. I made four meals, and for those four meals I’m having corn, black beans, garbanzo beans, and brown rice, and I hope to buy a can of salsa to add as a garnish once it’s warmed up. (Because salsa is LIFE.)

I am not certain as to how healthy this planned meal is. I’ll try to get a green smoothie every morning that I eat this for lunch (I have two bags of spinach and some red cabbage and carrots and berries and bananas), so maybe it’ll be healthy-ish? And then I’ll join the family for dinner. Meats and stir fry and frozen pizza and such.

Ooh, and I microwaved a yam for lunch. That was good (although I probably added too much margarine). I’m going to do that again and remember to use the nutritional yeast next time instead of margarine.

Healthy, I almost got you! 😀