Cultivate Your Support System (Part 1)

I am desperate for positive media in my life. I am striving to manage myself in a caring and loving way, and then, in turn, have the energy and skills to support and uplift my children and husband in the same areas.

It’s not easy, but I’m working toward it.

The link above was helpful to me. I know the story behind the post – the author has had to move away from the life she manifested and loved for the good of her health. I’m proud of her for doing what had to be impossibly hard. I’m grateful there are examples like this being shared so I can learn from them.

I can’t always be as open here about my life as I would wish because my life isn’t just me, there are also two underage children and my partner to consider. But I hope to find ways to help by sharing my experiences.

Happy Wednesday, everyone.