Some media I’ve been consuming a lot of lately is rubbing me the wrong way. There’s something just a bit off about it, and I’m not entirely sure why.

No, I’m not talking about politics, promise.

It comes across in the podcasts and the videos and the essays, and perhaps it’s just a personality conflict. I hadn’t thought about that possibility before just now.

It’s how references to frivolity and excess are framed with female examples, but not male ones. It is a flat refusal to accept the truths of others. It is a haughty and know-it-all attitude that just seeps out of every word and situation and it’s so overwhelming…

Part of being mindful and minimal, from what I hear, is keeping in your life what brings you value. Well, I’m taking your advice, guys. No more.

Now…I need another podcast for my drives to work, please.