I knew it would happen (and rambly bits)

It is always just a matter of time before the urge to start a new blog sneaks up on me. I don’t even have a topic in mind, really. Just the need to “start new”, a fresh start, clean slate.

At least I realize this is a cycle I go through, and I’ve been through the cycle enough to realize that it never works out the way I am longing for. I end up coming back to one blog, even if it is more journal-y than anything else, and that’s okay.

Instead of listening to the part of me that is itching to find a new site name and topic to write about, I’m going through the stack of CDs that I found as I cleaned yet another surface in my living room. As is usual, I’ve added more things to my other shelves that had been clean, so I’ll need to tidy those up again. It shouldn’t be too bad, though, because now I realize that I need a bit more space for the office supplies that I have, and I can plan for that. I’ve also found a couple new-to-me baskets and I think perhaps I’ll be able to store things like my enormous collection of washi tape in them so I can use it instead of forgetting I have it.

The rest of the house is quiet now. I’m watching YouTube videos and charging my phone, and I think after this stack of CDs, it may be a writing kind of night. Maybe a bit of transcribing, too. We’ll see how things go.