Don’t look if you don’t like bugs.

My workplace is suffering from the rain and the heat. Millipedes are coming inside probably because it was too hot and dry yesterday during the day, and then because their favored resting grounds became flooded with the thunderstorms in the evening.

I am not a benevolent bug relocator. I will relocate stinkbugs because they are slow and because I am told they smell when squashed. But these millipedes, also slow, are not smelly. They crawl, with a little prodding, onto the proffered piece of tissue or towel, and I’m able to fold it in half and step. No muss, no fuss.

I would like to be a person who relocates instead of squashes insects, but I haven’t yet reached that level of zen. I am, however, photographing each insect before I bring down the foot to keep track of my kill count. Uh…I mean, provide photographic evidence of the insect issue.

Yeah. That’s it.

ETA: I’ve killed 16 so far, but the last 8 were on a trip to the bathroom when I didn’t have my phone, so no photos of those. The positive here is that this is helping with my fear of the sound insects make when killed. It’s still disturbing, but easier to handle.