40 while 40

I have had such a crazy year, and not only did I not come up with 40 things to do while I was 40, but I also didn’t come even close to accomplishing all of them.

I don’t feel like a failure, though. I did things this year that forced me to grow in ways I didn’t expect, and that I wouldn’t trade that for anything.


An incomplete list of 40 things I’d like to accomplish while I’m 40. The list will grow as the year goes on and I think of more things I want to get done.

  1. Walk 2018 miles
  2. Publish 40 things
  3. Return to the Night of Writing Dangerously
  4. Write 365 thank-you’s
  5. A new tattoo
  6. Write a letter to everyone* every quarter
  7. Disney vacation
  8. Correct my posture
  9. Daily meditation
  10. Maintain 3 gratitude journals
  11. Read 40 books**
  12. Clean and/or purge 40 areas of my house
  13. 40 days of no social media***
  14. Create a functional budget

*everyone = everyone who usually receives a holiday letter; family, friends, etc.

** an even split of personal improvement and fiction

*** Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and WordPress – if I put the app in the “Social” folder on my phone, it’s going.