Cultivate Your Support System (Part 1)

I am desperate for positive media in my life. I am striving to manage myself in a caring and loving way, and then, in turn, have the energy and skills to support and uplift my children and husband in the same areas.

It’s not easy, but I’m working toward it.

The link above was helpful to me. I know the story behind the post – the author has had to move away from the life she manifested and loved for the good of her health. I’m proud of her for doing what had to be impossibly hard. I’m grateful there are examples like this being shared so I can learn from them.

I can’t always be as open here about my life as I would wish because my life isn’t just me, there are also two underage children and my partner to consider. But I hope to find ways to help by sharing my experiences.

Happy Wednesday, everyone.


Not quite working out

I went for a car appointment last week on my day off (Friday), and the problem needed a part that wouldn’t be acquired until Wednesday, so I made an appointment for today to get it fixed. I showed up a bit early, ate a lovely sandwich and got some coffee, and when my appointment time arrived, popped inside.

They worked on things for a bit until the guy (who knows me by sight at this point) came in and said, “We’re actually out of this other thing that the tool we need to remove your old part needs, and we can’t get it until tomorrow.”

So I go back in another eight days when they will have my parts, the fuel for the tools to remove and replace the parts, and actually get the work done.

While I was there, a gentleman came in at opening time (I like making my appointments there early, especially when I have to wait). He needed a bunch of things, and could they see him today? The guy behind the desk apologized and explained that he had two guys call off, so maybe it would be a few hours.

Well, the gentleman was upset. He’d canceled his whole day for this (but hadn’t made an appointment). The guy from the shop said he’d get the guy’s car in as soon as he could, but no promises. The gentleman couldn’t wait, so he made an appointment for another day, and left.

Then a lady came in. She needed an oil change and her tire looked at but also didn’t have an appointment. Another guy from the shop had to explain the same thing. Two guys called off, they couldn’t guarantee they could get it worked on today. Well, maybe if someone canceled or something they’d have time, but it would be some hours.

The lady was disappointed. She could do without the oil change but really needed her tire looked at. Since it couldn’t happen immediately, she left.

So two things. One, if you’re going to clear your weekend, make an appointment. It only took me one attempt to get a same-day appointment to realize I really need at least three days of lead time, or at the very least, be willing to drop it off and wait for its repair. I doubt that this gentleman, considering his age and knowledge of his car, was on his first visit to an automobile repair shop.

Two, patience is amazing. Had the woman waited even twenty minutes, or maybe asked if any of the jobs going on looked like they would be finished soon, she might have gotten the tip that my job wasn’t going as planned. Her tire could have been looked at in the three-hour appointment that my car had but couldn’t use.

Three (bonus for you!), getting upset solves absolutely nothing. I can imagine very clearly a time in my past that my day would have been completely ruined by this. I would have been out of sorts. Grumpy, indignant, and somewhat enraged. Why couldn’t they be prepared? How hard is it to make sure you have oxygen, of all things, available for the acetylene torch?

But shit happens, and it happens at inconvenient times. My car still runs, and it’s safe to drive. I unexpectedly received a gift of a free morning that had previously been reserved, and thus would be able to get some errands done earlier in the day, allowing me more time at home with my family.

So the shit that happened? Not bad shit. I have another appointment in a week, and I fully expect after two “failed” appointments, there will be much hustle and a general attitude of, “Let’s get this taken care of quickly for all the inconvenience we’ve already managed.” I’m grateful for that. And I’m grateful for my own ability right now to calmly see that the day has not been ruined, but is actually enjoying an unexpected reprieve.

And that’s my day, and what I’ve learned today! I hope you’re having a fabulous Sunday.

The Great Hair Reduction

There was a lot of hair removed from our house today by way of the hairdresser. A goodly amount landed on the floor in large chunks. But everyone is happy with the results, especially the wearer of the hair, and that’s what counts.

The longest hair in our household is now my elder child who rather resembles Carl from The Walking Dead. It’s long enough to get in his eyes but not tuck behind the ear. From experience, I know that is quite, quite annoying. Never fear, the annoyance is scheduled to be removed by a trimmer at the cessation of the school semester.

My hair is the only hair that is intentionally growing longer. I mentioned shaving my head in late December, and I’ve got about 1.5 inches that have grown back. My intent is to get it below my shoulders or longer before I succumb to the urge to shave it all off again.

The only other thing to say is how amused I am finding myself when coworkers who don’t see me daily respond to my growing hair. Suddenly I’m spoken to like a child.

“Look at all that hair!”

Like an infant born with a full head.


Yeah, so…

Happy Saturday!

Start and End (a miscellaneous post)

It could be argued that all my posts are miscellaneous posts.


These guys are how I started my day. I came downstairs, fed the cats, and opened the window. As I made my coffee, three of the four of them mobbed said window. (They really like the cool air, apparently.) Fluffy, the only one not pictured, stopped by later for his bit of enjoyment.

About a week ago I got a new-to-me vacuum from my mom, her Dyson DC65 Animal upright. It has its quirks (it doesn’t like to stand upright, and the cord is irritatingly stiff and prone to tangles), which is why when she heard that I thought mine had broken, she was happy to have an excuse to replace hers and gift it to me.

I used it for the first time on Mother’s Day, and it’s amazing. I really, really love it. I’ve used it, and I’ve experienced the annoyances it definitely has, but it vacuumed up an entire cat worth of hair. !!!

So worth it.

My hair is growing in, and it’s eliciting an awful lot of comments such as, “Wow, look at all that hair!” And, “Wow, your hair is really growing in!”

Yes. Yes, it is. ◔_◔

I had a class with my kid tonight, and it was fun. I got drawn on with a stabby pen.


That is all.

Worst Smoothie Ever (but amazing consistency)

Ugh. Bleh. I’m just going to mark today down as the biggest smoothie fail I’ve had. Even yesterday with its pulpy red mess was a huge improvement over today.

I started with old frozen bananas. That could be the problem right there, but I’m actually not going to blame them.

I added a cup and a half of water. Not the water’s fault.

Then kale and chia seeds and spinach. I’ve had banana and kale and spinach together before, but with orange juice as the liquid, and maybe OJ would have helped.

But it’s the peanut butter powder. I should not have done that. Nope nope nope. This is just nose-curlingly bad. It’s nasty. It is only my determination to not rise on the scale again that keeps me choking this down and not dumping it down the sink.

Ick. Blech. Do not recommend. Two thumbs down. And a toe.


Edited to Add: to be fair, the aftertaste isn’t as horrible as I had imagined it would be.

Smoothie Report (red) + weight tracking

I made a smoothie this morning with Fuji apples, red cabbage, yams, carrots, and frozen berries. There was not enough water and it’s ended up with entirely too much pulp. It is very vegetable-y.

All this is okay, though. I enjoy the vegetables I put in, so it’s not gross. The end result is basically that I’m eating for fuel this morning instead of flavor.

Lunch should make up for it, as I nailed the dressing this morning. (Hummus + water = the salad dressing I thought I was making with the tahini a couple weeks ago.)

In other news, I’m going to start tracking my weight again as I liberally fuel my diet with healthier, mostly plant-based foods. I should be careful to note that I’m not even trying to go vegan yet. I am trying to make plant-based choices, though, for breakfast and lunch during the week. That’s the easiest time for me to have full control of what I consume. Dinners are always family-based, and the family is not going vegan any time soon. Some days I’ll be able to get more plant-based meals in, but mostly not. I just don’t have the energy right now to cook two dinners.


Happy Mother’s Day

I hope all mothers of all types are having lovely days.

Usually, my Mother’s Days have been very relaxed. My husband would corral the kids, feed them, take care of chores for me, and I wouldn’t have to do much of anything the entire day. There was often a greeting card of various types involved.

This year is different (and that’s okay). He’s so tired he essentially forgot. My gift was a hug I initiated. The kids haven’t said much, and even though I’ve told them we’re going over to their grandparent’s house for Mother’s Day and to celebrate a birthday, they haven’t really acknowledged me or the event.

Oddy, I’m okay with this. I’m not terribly okay that my husband is exhausted all the time, but that’s life right now. I know I’m appreciated, and maybe next year will be different. Or maybe we’ll do something a little extra for Father’s Day, or our anniversary in September. It’ll all even out eventually.

So Happy Mother’s Day to mothers of babies they gave birth to in their hearts or with their bodies, mothers of furbabies, mothers of kids belonging to other mothers, and all the other mothers out there that I’ve forgotten. You know who you are, and that you deserve all the love and appreciation and gratitude that your families and friends can offer you.

Have a lovely day!


Mental Health Day

I am taking a mental health day! I have the day off of my regular job and I have zero responsibilities. So far, I have:

  • Gotten Spot to the Car Doc – it’s an exhaust issue, and the part has to be ordered from the dealer so he’s got a follow-up in a week once the part comes in
  • Checked in with my mom who doesn’t really need to be checked up on, but we had things to discuss so we discussed them
  • Shopped with my mom because they’re a single car family now and Dad had the car
  • Ate with my mom – three different types of dessert and a Raspberry Chia Kombucha
  • Showered, ate breakfast, drank coffee and orange juice, and meditated all before 6:30 a.m.

Now my kids are home and I still don’t have to do anything! I think I will watch some YouTube, maybe do some extra transcription work, but there will be absolutely, positively no checking of the email for the job which I have the day off from! I’ve glanced at it twice and there was nothing urgent. There’s a vacation responder turned on, so nobody should be asking me what’s what.

See how happy I am? So happy! I really needed this today.

Insecurities! Insecurities everywhere!

Am I doing a good job as a parent?

Am I an inconvenient friend?

Am I a bother?

Why do I feel so alone?

Do I talk too much?

Have I gone too long without contacting that person?

Am I even likable?

Does anyone care what I think?

Am I doing the right thing?

What if I’m screwing things up beyond repair?

Am I overthinking this?

Today’s insecurities were brought to you
by the letters I, V, and the number 4.

Yes I Yam

I put a yam in my smoothie today. Not all of it, just a few chunks. Uncooked.

I think I could feel the texture of it in the end result. That didn’t prevent my enjoyment of it, though. I have a few more pieces that I brought to work to microwave for a snack, but at the rate today is going I may need to save it for tomorrow.

Also an important question: can you refrigerate raw yam? I’m off to Google that.