C’est Moi

I took two years of French and two years of German, with a trip overseas to one country and an immersion camp for the other. That is the extent of my languages right there, although at some point I want to pick up Spanish.

I tell stories.

Nicki Ivey never trained to be a writer. In fact, she’s never done anything she’s been trained for. After training to drive trucks, and getting an Associate’s Degree in Computer Programming, she promptly got a job for a real estate company in their Marketing department and hasn’t looked back since. But writing has been in her blood since a 4th-grade picture book about a cat that ate a mouse. When National Novel Writing Month changed her life in 2003, she’s had “Career as Writer” engraved on her soul. Finally, it’s time to give her heart what it wants. You can read Nicki’s blog at NickiIvey.com, where she talks an awful lot about writing.

And her cats.

Of which there are four.

While I am away…