Closeup of the lid of a cardboard box
Closeup of the lid of a cardboard box

It’s neat how you can see the fibers in the photo. I nearly forgot to do this, which means I’m not following my #BuJo like I should, because it’s a line item there every day. Well, at the very least this challenge is getting me to examine the items around my chair with greater scrutiny. There’s a lot of interesting things here!


Okay, Monday. Wait…

Morning. Morning is probably what I meant to say up there.

I’ll have to grab more DayQuil before I actually start my day. That is clear. And another cup of coffee.

I find it eternally unfair that half my family has the next to regularly scheduled work/school days off. I would like those two days off. Why can’t I have those two days off?

Adulting. You can eat cookies for breakfast, but you don’t get 4-day weekends related to holidays like President’s Day. *sigh*

I wrote 340 fiction words yesterday! Nowhere near the total I would prefer, but more than I’ve managed in the last seven days, so I’m satisfied. The writing out thing didn’t work, though. I really need to get my desk back.

There were 563 total words involved in the day, by the way. And the cats are adorable. Just in case you were wondering.

Have a lovely Thursday!

More Fabrics

Close-up photo of a silver or cream fabric
Close-up photo of a silver or cream fabric
Color Unknown

I’ve actually forgotten what color this is. It looks silver, but I believe when it’s not reflecting the gray skies outside, it’s cream. I know this because the cubicles are cream and maroon, and the only steel tones in the building are shiny and actually steel (or chrome). Oh well, I’ve got a pattern. I didn’t realize it goes in a six-four-six pattern until I looked at it this closely. It’s rather more detailed than I expected. Very pleasing, nd I certainly won’t take it for granted again.

On the mend

This morning I’m able to breathe with minimal assistance from drugs. It’s a good sign, and one I’m going to run with. I also have the morning either for sleeping (if it seems necessary), or running word-related errands and a little extra writing time. I’m actually hoping for the latter, and am prepared for both.

Yesterday I wrote 29 fiction words with a total of 145 words for the day. It’s not a lot, but they were honest to goodness Valentines Day words and they kept my streak going.

Today will be better. Yesterday I got to rest at work, doing things at my desk instead of moving around the office, lifting heavy stuff, etc. I went to bed early again, but I don’t think I’ll need that kind of 9-hour stretch of sleep anymore.


Close-up of a dusty stuffed pad on top of a filing cabinet
Close-up of a dusty stuffed pad on top of a filing cabinet
Dusty Fabric

Wow, you can really see the dust this close. That’s kind of scary, actually. I’ll get it dusted for good soon, as soon as I’m able to be at the office regularly.

Showing up

I’m glad I was able to show up a little bit yesterday morning because by the evening I was miserable.

28 fiction words, 312 total. 28 fiction words are about one sentence paragraph (see below).

Still not feeling up to par. Hoping the extra rest I’ll be able to get tomorrow morning will fix me.

Yesterday’s paragraph:

Doug looked at Payback. “Listen to Sarah,” he told his pet. “I think you should get to eat them too, but we’re guests. We don’t eat our hosts.”

Ctrl + Alt + Del

Yesterday was moving, and throwing stuff away, and getting people in to claim furniture and cabinets, and move more stuff, and I don’t even know, except it took nine hours to get done.

But it’s all over. At least the moving out part. Now there’s a new challenge of moving things in, and straightening up the new place, getting it ready and looking like nobody is there for an inspection on Wednesday, and after that, to hopefully get the place ready for people to work.

It’s going to be a tight fit, but I think we can do it.

At any rate, with the outside work that happened yesterday, I squeezed in 269 words yesterday morning and had a grand total of 599 between blogs and fiction. I hope to do the same this morning, and continue to do so until I beat this cold and have a little more energy in the evenings. I hope to see that by the end of the week.

Oh! And I should review last week here, too.

Weekly total words: 4,266
Weekly total fiction words: 2,331
Weekly total blog words: 1,935
Difference from last week: -24%
Weekly rank: 5 (of 7)

Overall, writing is slow simply because of time. When I have the time to write, I need to sleep to try to get over this cold, or simply because I’m too exhausted to write. The end result is during my usual writing time in the evenings, I’m sleeping. Hopefully it’s just a work sick (working too hard, too much time in and out of the warm and cold temps), and not an actual sick that will drag me down further.

Fevers are not allowed, you hear?

Lights Out

The front facade of a brick building with white pillars and white shutters, with snow on the ground in front.
The front facade of a brick building with white pillars and white shutters, with snow on the ground in front.
Locked Up

A special photo for this evening. I’ve spent 12 years and 6 months working from this building. Today I sat in the waiting room where I first sat the first time I entered. My first interview was postponed because I managed to lose my voice! I was going to go anyway, but I believe someone rescheduled on my behalf. At any rate, I got the phone call with the news (“I have some bad news: we’ve decided to offer you the job.”) a few days after I got my voice back and had the interview, and the rest is history. I wasn’t sad until today, but I’m fairly sure that will pass soon. Tomorrow I report for the same job in a different location. It will be an adventure, I’m sure.

Sunday – day of rest or day next to Monday?

Heck, I’ll rest later.

I would like to take this moment to remind myself that of all the weeks I should not feel bad about my word count, this should be that week. I’ve been working multiples of times harder than usual for my office job, and the words I’ve gotten in are damn miracles all on their own. I get home spent, and now I’ve worked myself into some kind of sore-throat, coughing illness. (I’m sure sweating and then standing in the cold hasn’t helped. Somebody warned me about that, once.)

Yesterday I wrote 37 words, with a total of 355 if you include blog words and not just fiction words. I will probably get about the same amount in today, as I need to be at the office in two hours or so, and an hour and a half of that are already claimed for travel, errands, and hygiene.

Yesterday I also was at the office for 5 hours taking photos, forgetting to put them on Craigslist (shit), tearing down computers, opening printers I couldn’t get closed, and trying not to trip over wires. Today may be more of the same, hopefully without the need for Craigslist.

Wish me luck.