The clothing has been cleaned

Yesterday I got a late start with laundry, and it turned into a day when I didn’t do much but absorb some Hermitcraft on YouTube. I didn’t watch for several months, so I’m catching up. Now that they’re starting a new season, I’m doubly excited. I also have resolved to not indulge in these marathon sessions anymore. I’ll add new episodes to my queue and watch one at a time, and not sink hours upon hours into the viewing of other people playing video games.

I’m certain that resolution will last at least several days.

Because of the YouTube, I only got 570 fiction words and 829 total words. My average fiction words per day is at 525, though. February 25th was the last time it was that high. I’m slowly making my way back up!

Today involves film with family and some writing. And a post about Income & Expenses, actually. I don’t have a lot to add, but I’m sure I can pull something out of my brain. Theories to share. Stuff and things.


Oh, I also finished The Handmaid’s Tale yesterday. It’s up for free on Kindle right now, so if you’ve been interested in acquiring it, now is certainly the time. My overall opinion is one of general bafflement and intrigue. I’m glad I read it, but I don’t think I want to reread it. I’m also not certain now that I want to see the Hulu series. I’m kind of satisfied with what the book shared, and I don’t need more, or another interpretation. A funny feeling, but one I’ve encountered before.

Happy Sunday, folks!


It would help if I had a title

Yesterday was a good day, as I expected. My friend that needed the well-wishes had a good result. The office work went by quickly. And I got quite a few more entries done for A Brief History…, also known as 002.


The latter actually was the best part. I wrote 1,611 words yesterday, and 1,882 total. Today will hopefully go just as well, but at some point, my time will be consumed by cover art and the thing my friend Erin is going through right now.


They’re critical but difficult. I’m sure they’ll get easier with practice (in fact, I know they do), but per word, they’re the most time-consuming piece of publishing for me.

Cover art comes a close second. I actually had the idea that I was going to go for covers without tons of images, hopefully saving myself some money up front, but I’m not sure how that will go. You’ll see, I expect, when I have Space Cats up for sale.

That’s everything for now. I thought, since I woke early, I might go back to bed this morning, but I think naps between loads of laundry is much more plausible at this point.



Today is here! It is Friday. It shall be the best Friday this month has had in 2017, I just know it!

I observed this morning that if I want to keep waking at 5 a.m. in the morning, I’m going to need to haul my butt to bed earlier than 10:30 p.m. I have a feeling I’ll need a nap by the time the day is over.

Yesterday I wrote 1,469 words of fiction (1,773 total). They’re good words, and I thought I was done with 003, but it turns out I’m not. There’s a little rounding out to do at the end, I think. Maybe. It’s entirely possible it’s not the short story I thought it was, but a longer piece. I’m not sure.

Today, aside from Friday, is the day a friend needs tons of positive thoughts, so if you care to throw them at the blog, I’ll then shove them in that friend’s direction. Thank you.

Blog is fixed (I hope!)

I am very grateful to be tech savvy enough that I’m able to repair most issues with my blog. With a recent JetPack update, apparently my server runs an older version of PHP, and I ended up with white screens and malfunctioning plugins. I only run Automattic plugins, and the theme for the site is Twenty Seventeen, so I ought not to have too many compatibility issues.

But I did, and it took probably two hours of poking here and there to get it all sorted out. Now, I think, it’s good. We’ll see if things start getting Publicized again (Facebook, Twitter, etc). Fingers crossed.

There will be a time at which I am able to use WordPress VIP. It is not cheap. But no more blog-related headaches? Yes, please.

Yesterday I wrote a few less words because of my little blog hiccup than I might otherwise have had time for, but I’m happy with the 1,059 fiction words I did write. I got 1,313 1,402 total. Not too shabby.

Today I woke early (4:37) and used most of my extra hour to fix JetPack. This evening I hope to decide whether I’m going to have 003 be a short story and finish it up, or determine that it needs to be full-length and keep on charging forward. For the type of story it is, though, I think short with a collection later to pull all the stories together. That will be the plan.

I hope everyone has a fine, stress-free day!

Something fishy this way comes

The site was down this morning. Just a white screen. I don’t know why I thought it was my host at first because this has happened before.

It was a plugin. And I’m unable to finish the connection to the plugin, so I’ll have to fudge with that later. The two that are important seem to be working.

So yesterday was good! Traffic was easy to navigate all day, and I caught the missing fries when I was still at the drive-through window. I also got to hang out with a bunch of my awesome writer friends, and that always makes the week better.

I wrote 763 fiction words, and 1,033 total. I was hoping to have a streak of 1K days this week, but if I had to miss a day, Tuesday is an acceptable day to miss.

I have a copy of Space Cats out to first readers, and I’m eager to hear if there are any big mistakes I need to fix. I’m eager to get this up for sale before the month is too far gone, because of the tie-in with the A to Z Challenge. Also because I really like it, and I’m excited about writing more in this world. I think next time I’m picking a different human/cat set of characters. Maybe someone one of the main characters knows. I actually have ideas on that. Bwa ha ha.


Okay. My morning routine has been disrupted enough. I’ll be posting this now and going on my way. Wish me luck!


A green outline around a pink box with the words Tuesday is Funday! over a background of an outdoor table and chair on the second floor of a local grocery store

Junior youth named today’s post. Sometimes it’s more trouble to think of something good than to just pull something out of someone else’s head. So I have done so. 🙂

Yesterday was a fabulous day at the office! As fabulous as those things can get, anyway. I managed to get a few errands in, did some reading in the car, found some really interesting things in the book I was ready to set aside as finished even though there’s some stuff yet to read and decided to keep going, etc. My writing all happened at the end of the day, but that’s all right. that will probably happen tonight, too, because I really need the quiet to get it done.

Speaking of words, I wrote 1,365 fiction words yesterday, and 1,776 words total. Very nice! It’s down a bit from yesterday and the day before, but those were weekend days with lots of quiet time. I still broke 1K so there’s nothing to be sad about there. And my daily average is climbing nicely, once more within 5 words of 500. I’m going to get that sucker up there in no time!

Today (as you may have noticed) is Tuesday, and that’s my writing group day. I’m looking forward to hanging out with awesome people who write and not getting any writing done until I get home. Because that’s how we roll. And I love it.

Working hard, Writing all the words

A two-page Bullet Journal spread behind a green text box and two white hearts that has the words Word Counting on top

It’s hard not to feel like I’m Queen of the Mountain of Words when I’ve been on a streak of 300-400 words per day and now for the second day in a row I kill that old number by a lot. I still know I can do more, do better, but this feels good right now.

Yesterday I wrote 1,628 fiction words, and 2,639 words total. Writing over 1,000 blog words is new, I believe. I can’t remember doing that before. And I didn’t count the A-Z words because those were previously written and counted in fiction words somewhere.




So in other news, here’s the stats block for the last week:

Weekly total words: 8,433
Weekly total fiction words: 5,458
Weekly total blog words: 2,975
Difference from last week: +112%
Weekly rank: 2 (of 14) (wow!!!)
April fiction total: 4,241
March fiction total:
February fiction total: 9,217
January fiction total: 18,615
002* Words: 2,505
003** Words: 4,241

Ahh. It’s good! So I should point out that last week I decided not to use 002 as my A-Z fiction, and then on Saturday, I did just that. I actually have multiples of some letters, but I’m choosing the best one (or the one I like the most, or who knows how I’ll choose, but I’m only choosing one) to post each day. So when I finally get 001 published, and then when it comes time to publish 002, there will be quite a bit of content that’s new, I think. Maybe. Or at least a couple extra A’s.

OK, that’s it, except for these two extra notes below this paragraph. I hope everyone has a fantastic Monday!

*002 is the number of this story in my pursuit of Pulp Speed. It’s as good a code name as any and allows me to easily keep track of which story I was working on in my word count tracking spreadsheet.

**003 is the number of my April Camp NaNo project. I don’t usually do two fiction things at once. Ever. But now I am. So there are two to keep track of!

Day after Productive

Yesterday was pretty amazing. It was incredibly productive, happy, and overall quite satisfying. We celebrated a thing and there were gifts that were enjoyed. We had dinner out with family (the company was the best part – the food left quite a bit to be desired), and cake! What day isn’t made a million times better with cake?

The youths and I went to see Power Rangers, too. It was fun, not horrible, kind of campy but not too bad, and I think we all enjoyed it. The popcorn was good, but AMC is a disappointment. The trend now is to have self-serve butter. That’s fine and dandy, but you can’t get the layers, and while I am eternally grateful to my dear friend who comes with me to theaters so I can layer my butter, it’s just not the same when you do it yourself. This is the move that theaters can make that will keep me from attending. Hmph.

But back to good stuff! Words! I wrote all the words, Roxanne (#butcheredQotD). Yesterday got 2,613 fiction words and 3,193 total. I didn’t count the A-Z post because most of those words were already written. Copy and paste doesn’t really count, and I didn’t want to go to the trouble of just calculating the “Before More…” words.

I want to say I knocked the words out of the park. And it feels that way. But I know I can do better! So I will keep working on my speed. So far it’s slow going today, but I still have time. I need to stop worrying so much and just write. I’m going to learn a lot simply by doing, and it won’t feel like work that way.

Okay, I’m off to word more words, and spell-grind more words, and clean at some point because UGH. The cats were fighting this morning and left fur EVERYWHERE, and the living room is driving me crazy, and I need to wash my hands and take medicine because headache.


April fools!

The joke is that there’s no joke here. 🙂 April fool’s is one of my least favorite holidays. I can’t take a joke, you see. I have found a couple YouTube video jokes that are fun, but they’re obvious so I can enjoy them. Maybe the day is getting better as I age. Huh.

I wrote 262 fiction words yesterday with 408 words total. I’m also posting from my phone again because Writing Chromebook only for writing, and the kids have hijacked my regular laptop. *insert affectionate, Motherly exasperation here*

Yesterday was one of those days that absolutely defined why I am working to make writing my full time gig. Essentially, I am ready to break into the super scary world of self-employment so I can choose how to deal with the buttheads of the world. I’m sure nobody else knows how that feels ever.

April fools. 😉