May the 4th (be with you)

286 fiction words, 554 total words, 1.5 hours formatting

And also with you!

Heh. Sorry, leftover from days when I went to church and was asked to go around shaking hands. I should have used this particular phrase then. The practice might have been more fun.

Yesterday was one of those days when I was busy all day long, I got a lot done, but I didn’t actually get anything done that I had intended to get done. Does that make sense? Well, that’s only half true. At the office, I intended to get two things done that didn’t happen. But, I got one other large task completed along with another surprise task. You really can’t get too upset about that kind of thing, you know?

At home, I completed the cover for Space Cats! I may not be a book cover artist (those guys are amazing, by the way), but I’m kind of proud of what I did. It’s not too shabby, I think I’m going to like looking at it, and it doesn’t look slapped together.

So now with the interior and cover completed, I can get started on the print copy. It involves uploading some files, getting nervous about the state of the proof copy that I’ll need to order, and some patience. I’m going to have to find some patience.

Oh, words! I wrote 286 fiction words, 554 total words, and spent 1.5 hours formatting. That was the point of all this.

Although I just thought of something else. I had two very different, very real conversations about writing yesterday in a space that I don’t often admit to my passion.

The first conversation started when someone came to me asking if when I write something down, don’t I feel like I really should be a writer? I answered no, actually, I am a writer. This, I gestured at my office, is not me. The other person’s reaction was unclear, whether they were surprised at my declaration

The second conversation started when someone was talking about how to get her business started, and the only advice I could think of was a question I’d learned in a seminar. Would I be better off writing? And as a baby writer, yes. So I told her that, and how it applies to her position. She wouldn’t be writing, of course, but doing the activities that are critical for her career. And then we started talking about how can you find the time to write, and my answer was NaNoWriMo. And then she said she has a youth that likes to write, and my answer was YWP. And then she said she has an elder that likes to write shorts, and my answer was NaNoWriMo again. So I need to take her a booklet if I still have any. It’s on my list.

Well, this was a lot of words. I’m going to get moving. Have a lovely Star Wars Day!


Oh, hai duplicate entry title!

403 fiction words, 741 total words, 1.75 hours formatting

I had a title all picked out, and then the dreaded “-2” appeared at the end. I’m glad I caught it in time.

Yesterday was a productive day! I set four tasks outside of the usual ones and got three of the four done. The fourth task, calling the garbage company for pickup of an old toilet, must be done today. I’m tired of rewriting it every day, and it’s been something I’ve wanted to do for months.

No, it’s not that hard to call the garbage company. An online form would be easier, but it’s still not that hard.

So I also started the cover for Space Cats. I have the Photoshop mockup done, and now I just need to determine how much can and should carry over to InDesign, and how much of the typography I can duplicate from the template.

I wrote a little, too, though not as many as I wanted, and I think in the wrong direction. I wrote 403 fiction words at my writing meeting, 741 total words, and spent 1.75 hours on cover art.

Overall it was a good, accomplished day that I hope to repeat today. Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Updates are never as easy as they seem

489 fiction words, 1,324 total words, 3.5 hours towards publishing

“Update me,” it said.

“It’ll only take 3-5 minutes,” it said.

Ten minutes later, it’s still optimizing apps. Y’know, phone, you knew how many apps I had when you started this endeavor. You could have estimated a little better IMHO.

But anyway, hello! It’s Tuesday, and I’m ready for it. More or less.

Yesterday’s goal was to finish the interior formatting of Space Cats, which I managed to accomplish. Victory! The element that was driving me nuts came out, the idea that snuck in at the last moment made it in, and now that I know how many pages I have, I can start working on the cover art. It’s all about the spine, you see. Pages influence the width of the spine, and if any of the cover art wraps around, that’s important.

I wrote 489 fiction words just shortly before bed and logged 1,324 total words for the day. The bulk of my evening, 3.5 hours, was spent working towards publishing (that formatting of the interior I was talking about.

Today’s goal is to think about starting the cover for Space Cats. I would actually like to get it started, but the odds of that happening are slim. I stand a much better chance of getting a bit of writing done at the writer’s group tonight, and so it’s just me and the writing computer (and the notebook for 004, and a pen).

My phone finally finished its work, and it is hot. The kind of warmth I usually only associate with the Exploding Kittens app. Strange. Time to remove the case and let it sit in front of the fan.

And power it off, come to think of it.


Another new one

DAILY: 464 fiction words, 623 total words, 2 hours toward publishing

The week starts new today, and the month. It’ll make for a very busy day, I’m certain. At least it’ll make for a busy day here, with this weekly review and later on with a review of April.

But first, yesterday. Yesterday was busy, and I still have a bit of a spring cold which is really more of an annoyance than an actual issue. Maybe it’s actually a spring sinus thing because my ears keep popping. That’s the biggest irritant, really. At any rate, Junior Youth returned from camping. I did the last of her laundry and worked quite a bit on formatting the interior of Space Cats. I ended up starting over, but as this time I actually looked at the requirements for CreateSpace, that was probably a good thing. I think I have what I want now, I just need to grind away at it for a bit.

I also worked a tiny bit on a new series. I need to settle on the age of my antagonist. Currently, she’s pretty young, and I think I may need to age her up a bit. We’ll see how it goes. I managed 464 fiction words, 623 total words, and two hours toward publishing.

Now, on to the weekly portion of this weekly review post.

Meh. Not my best week, and that’s because I was really hesitant to start writing anything new with outstanding things to get published. But Saturday, as I’ve mentioned, I got started on something new anyway.


And then I’ll just drop this here:

April fiction total: 15,814
March fiction total:
February fiction total: 9,217
January fiction total: 18,615
2017 fiction total: 56,222

There’s actually things to say about that little block, but I’ll save it for the monthly review post in a few minutes.

Overall, the week was OK. There were four days with no fiction writing whatsoever, and I think I’m fine with that, though it feels better to be writing fiction. I will do better on the publishing front this month, especially as a friend has just published her A to Z Challenge yesterday, and that motivates me to get my butt in gear.

Three stories finished but none published yet? I need to get cracking!

Still not published, but writing

450 fiction words, 764 total words, 1.5 hours formatting

I wasn’t going to start writing until I got Space Cats published, but then yesterday I found myself with some free time and only the writing computer available for use, so I started writing something that got started on Facebook. It’ll be fun, but I need to flush out a lot of the details. Even what I wrote yesterday will need a complete overhaul.

But in a good way, you know?

So yesterday was 450 fiction words, 764 total words, and 1.5 hours of formatting. Today will probably be similar if I can stay away from an overdose of Minecraft.

Should be easy.