Back to it (again)

290 fiction words, 467 total words

“It” in this case referring to school and work. Yesterday was lovely, although I didn’t accomplish my goals exactly as I planned.

I ended up finishing an 8K short, but poorly. I rushed to get it done, and the plot kind of disappeared. I’m disappointed in myself that I went ahead and published it, thinking I’ll just “fix” it later, but it would be really easy to just leave it up to rot. Part of me knows I’m going to write some really awful stuff, and I’ll end up publishing some of it, but I’d rather not go into it knowing that it sucks.

So that’s weighing on me, and I thought about not mentioning it, but figured if I’m offering up the good days that not everyone talks about, I should probably do the same with the bad days.

290 fiction words, 467 total words

Yesterday’s 290 words were the attempt to tie up the ends of that short, and the rest of the day was spent publishing.

I think the other reason I rushed is that I had two incomplete WIP. I like to finish one project and start the next, and lately, I’ve been writing new things with those other two still hanging open. It felt cluttered and jumbled and bad, so I wanted to get at least one off my plate. Except it still feels like the one I “finished” is still hanging off the plate, like something I cut off but doesn’t want to leave.


We’ll see how today goes. I have no goals, really. Just this regret swimming in my brain.


Just a quick post

4,958 fiction words, 5,584 total words

Yesterday was the first day I tried to write/publish in a day. Well, I finished the short before bed but didn’t get it published. I’m working on that now, so this will be a quick post.

4,958 fiction words, 5,584 total words

Which is why that number is quite so large. 🙂 I’m pleased with the story, and I’m glad it’s done. I wanted to try again today, and I’m sure I’ll start, and I may even finish the story, but I’m not certain publishing two shorts in one day is going to happen.

And now to the week!

Another number two week! I’m pleased. I had two 1K+ days, and then yesterday when I wrote nearly 5K. Is good. I’d like to smash my number one week this week, and I may manage it if I get a 5K day today and then again next Sunday. I’m kind of giving up on Saturday – there are ridiculous amounts of interruptions when doing laundry.

That’s all for today! I think the things I was waiting on are finally ready to go.

Another Day, Another Short

421 fiction words, 586 total words

Yesterday I did lots of laundry and shopped for produce but didn’t actually get much writing done. I would be disappointed, but when I was idling around and watching Wonder Woman I found an absolutely astonishing post about an author’s success from January to August, and how she did it. I was both impressed and insanely motivated.

The problem with posts like that (and I’ve done this before so I’m not talking about Everyone, just Me) is that it’s easy to start believing that it’s exactly what will happen to you. It’s easy to forget that everyone has different situations, and different work ethics, and different time availabilities, and different resources.

So I’m trying to keep firmly in mind that yes, such astounding results (high six figure sales in seven months) is possible, but there are several things different in my situation than the post I read. I did learn lots, though, things I knew but were worded in such a way as to drive them home. That reminds me that I wanted to take notes, so after letting you know about yesterday’s writing, I’m off to do that.

421 fiction words, 586 total words

Then write. I’d like to write a short story today, amidst grocery shopping, etc. I’d like to write it and get it published, actually. I’m intending to do that today and tomorrow actually. Wish me luck.

The day after exhaustion

1,102 fiction words, 1,962 total words

Last night I was so tired after I finished that Monthly Review post that I promptly stretched out on the sofa and fell asleep. I stayed there for a few hours, and when I woke after midnight, I just went straight up to bed instead of logging more words.

For some reason, my Fitbit didn’t log my sleep on the sofa, only in bed. So it said I got 6 hours, but it was really more like 8-10. I think? Well, anyway. So I’ll have to start noting when I go to bed in case it keeps failing me.

I still did a decent job with words yesterday.

1,102 fiction words, 1,962 total words

I was hoping September could be a 1,667/day month, but that is not to be. Maybe a 1K/day month. We’ll see how things go – I am looking forward to seeing what I can accomplish.

(For what it’s worth, I’m currently a little sleepy and quite distracted. Laundry is taking it out of me, I guess.)


679 fiction words, 899 total words

I typed the title and then realized just how much stuff I need to do right now. Blarghl. Oh well!

September has arrived. I have a wedding anniversary this month shortly before the anniversary of quite a bit of terror in this country. There’s a three day weekend coming up tomorrow. I have some school supplies I need to get for Junior Youth. There’s another post due today, and and then I need to get the Income/Expenses post up on time this month instead of forgetting it completely like in August.

Speaking of August, why are sales so dismal in August? I haven’t got enough skin in the game to notice myself, but I’ve heard from others and I thought I’d drop the question here. I have two readers who might have input. I think the general theory is “end of summer”-itis, but there might be more to it.

Today I get to work in a different building than usual, and I’m out of both salad material and smoothie basics, so I think I’ll probably end up going out for lunch. I have a little bit of cash yet. I think there are bananas in my future. 🙂 Oh, and I need to get some of the ripe ones in the fridge soon. Oops…

Yesterday I was exhausted so I didn’t get much written. My mind was shot, but I made a decent stab at it in the morning.

679 fiction words, 899 total words

I’ll do better today.

Oh, the other thing I did yesterday was more of a thing I didn’t do. There was a limited time opportunity that honestly, is probably exactly what I need. It was a good deal (compared to its regular pricing), but still a lot of money. I was on the fence, and just about to commit, and then I went online to check one of the (free) communities I’m already a part of. Almost immediately I realized that community was not only all I need (in the immediate present) but also my best tool. So I decided against the opportunity (ultimately it’s still available but at a higher price). There may be a time down the road when I go that route, but right now, I need to focus on other things.

Is good. I’m happy.

Sleep Changes

1,233 fiction words, 1,424 total words

Since school resumed my Fitbit is telling me I’m getting between four and five hours of sleep instead of the six to seven hours I was getting over the summer. With the exception of yesterday, when it says I woke at 4 a.m. and didn’t track my last hour of sleep, I have been getting about five. Which is not enough, and I feel it. Right now, even with coffee, my eyes are tired and I am very at risk of working myself into a cold, or worse.

THBT! I say.

I need to get to bed earlier, which means I need to start writing sooner after the kids go to bed instead of relaxing a bit more. Generally, I get enough decompression from work between dinner and the kid’s bedtime without taking more. I just don’t want to get too far behind on “my shows”!

Still, I did some severe editing on what I ended up watching last night, skipping people who I thought were favorites and ignoring a lot of the stuff I was merely interested in, and I still lived.

These words aren’t going to write themselves.

1,233 fiction words, 1,424 total words

Still not done with 005, the short story I started two Sundays ago. It’s only going to be 10,000 words. It should not take this long.

Must. Write. Faster.

A Symphony of Mumbles

314 fiction words, 568 total words

Junior Youth is mumbling about something quite excitedly. It’s a lot for so early in the morning. Something something choir that JY wasn’t excited about yesterday but was the day before but wasn’t the day before that.

It’s confusing. I’ll move on.

Yesterday was writing group which meant no writing at the event (I shouldn’t even try, but I keep holding out hope) but good times with people. It was good. When I got home I stabbed a bit at a short story that is a follow-up to a short story I wrote around April, then crashed.

314 fiction words, 568 total words

I beat up on myself for not getting enough time to write or read and stuff, but really, I’m doing pretty good for still being an otherwise responsible adult most of the time. I mean, I do laundry, shop for groceries, hang out with the kids, wake up at 5 a.m. (now that school’s started, anyway), write and publish, and more that I can’t remember now. Not shabby at all.

Today is going to be better than yesterday. I’m not going to be as grumpy, and I’m going to make popcorn.

That’s not a typo, either

408 fiction words, 703 total words

After such an astounding writing day yesterday, I’d like to report another such day today. But when I spent most of yesterday researching and publishing, I was only able to squeeze a few words in at the end before I collapsed last night.

408 fiction words, 703 total words

So while it’s nowhere near the 5,000+ from Sunday, I’m satisfied.

Yesterday was the Youth’s first day of school. Elder Youth received news that many school supplies won’t be needed. Calculators for math will be assigned, and the school is really trying to go paperless, so hardly any other notebooks/folders/binders will be needed at all. My pocketbook is thrilled at this.

I haven’t heard as much from Junior Youth, but as it’s the same school district it’s not unreasonable to expect the same from that grade as well. They are still involved with tours and learning the layout of the new building, so perhaps I’ll hear in the next couple of days.

I did manage to forget “first day of school” photos. It’s not the first time, nor certainly the last, that such things have been neglected. I’ll make up for it today.

Other goals for today include another short story, although probably not all of it in one go. That will need to be reserved for weekends unless I learn to write faster. Technically a repeat is possible in a little over two hours, but I’m not skilled at making decisions about the story that quickly yet.

Soon. I will practice, and I will get there soon.

Not a typo

5,355 fiction words, 5,569 total words

I wrote all the words. 🙂 I mean, I really got them all yesterday. Working only on a new piece, I started and finished it in one day.

Along with doing finances and grocery shopping at three stores and not being able to stay within a (pseudo) budget.

5,355 fiction words, 5,569 total words

Bah. I’m not even mad about it now. I rather killed it.

So that was all one short story going under a pen name. I had thought perhaps I should start a new pen name for these, and I haven’t yet landed on whether I absolutely will or not. I was strongly leaning toward yes yesterday, and this morning I’m headed toward no at a fast clip. I’m going to get the Youths off to school and then see where I stand.

Here’s a couple interesting things to note about this week:

  1. It was my first 10K fiction week. Last week I wrote more than 10,000 words, but just under 10,000 were fiction words. Honestly, I’m more concerned with the fiction ones. I’m sure you understand.
  2. The negative difference in word count (-5%) is completely devoid of importance when reflected in the light of point number one.
  3. There was a third point somewhere. I seem to have mislaid it.

Looks like I forgot to include my monthly totals last week. Oops.

August fiction total: 25,407
July fiction total:
June fiction total: 10,577
May fiction total: 
April fiction total: 
March fiction total:
February fiction total: 9,217
January fiction total: 18,615
2017 fiction total: 107,616

Ha! Look at that! It makes my July look so very sad. Additionally, I’ve written more than 100,000 words of fiction this year so far! And to show for it I have a book, three short stories, and I’m 40,000 words into my second novel. ❤ It’s been a good year for words.


Sunday, the Day Before

710 fiction words, 803 total words

I have a touch of anxiety on my children’s behalf for tomorrow, the first day of the thing that shall not be named. Junior Youth is looking forward to it least, certainly. Elder Youth is looking forward to it a bit more than that, but still not to be interpreted as excitement. My anxiety stems from what will happen when they get home. Will they need tons of supplies? Will they make friends?

I shouldn’t worry, but I am rather good at it.

Words. I wrote words yesterday.

710 fiction words, 803 total words

I was studying some more, reading and trying to learn from the experience of others. And on a similar note, I was given access to on Friday, so there are all sorts of stuff to learn there, too. Know any classes I should take?

Today I haven’t written anything yet, but I did go grocery shopping. I thought I was doing good until I got everything rung up at my last stop and found out that I had done the exact opposite of “good”. I had done poorly, as far as my checkbook was concerned. Tsk.

I’ll get better at it, eventually. Hopefully, I managed to purchase enough items that next week, there will be less that is needed. Fingers crossed.